David Cook

Title: Assistant Scientist

Room Number: MR-127B

Office Address: 127B Morrisroe Astroscience Lab (IPAC)

Office Phone: 626-395-1814

Mail Code: MC 100-22

Email (@ipac.caltech.edu): dcook

Website: http://web.ipac.caltech.edu/staff/dcook/

Research Interests: Understand the relationship between star-forming regions and their host galaxies to answer the question: does environment affect the star formation process? I am involved in several large surveys of galaxies in the local Universe (including a 3pi narrow-band survey - CLU), am a member of the NED team, and use nearby galaxy catalogs to narrow the search for electromagnetic counterparts (EM) to gravitational wave (GW) events. List of research areas: star formation, star clusters, dwarf galaxies, EM follow-up to gravitational waves, large-scale sky surveys.

Activities: NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database