Decadal Survey 2020

For the Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics (Astro2020), the National Academies and the astronomical community works together to identify key priorities in astronomy and astrophysics and develop a comprehensive strategy for agency investments in the upcoming decade. This is done in form of "white papers" that are submitted to the National Academies.

The scientists at IPAC are important contributors to this effort. In total, more than 60 science and 110 APC white papers have been submitted with IPAC contribution. In total 11 of the science and 18 of the APC white papers are led by IPAC scientists.

Follow the links below for a complete list of papers with IPAC contribution.

Furthemore, IPAC scientists have been involved in several concept study reports of various missions for the 2020s.

Also, have a look at the Great Observatories Report by the NASA Great Observatories Science Analysis Group (including IPAC scientists Lee Armus, co-chair, and Janice Lee).

Science Astro2020 white papers:

APC Astro2020 white papers:


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