Decadal Survey 2020 APC White Papers co-led by IPAC Scientists

IPAC co-led Astro2020 APC White Papers

Below is a list of Astro2020 APC White Papers that are co-led by IPAC scientists. The papers are sorted by topic.


Exoplanet Diversity in the Era of Space-based Direct Imaging Missions - Kopparapu, Ravi Kumar (including: Gelino, D.)
Durable Agency Support for Exoplanet Catalogs and Archives - Pepper, Joshua (including: Ciardi, D.)
Tracing the Origins and Evolution of Small Planets using Their Orbital Obliquities - Johnson, Marshall (including: Ciardi, D.)
Realizing the Promise of High-Contrast Imaging: More Than 100 Gas-Giant Planets with Masses, Orbits, and Spectra Enabled by Gaia+WFIRST Astrometry - Brandt, Timothy (including: Meshkat, T.)
Brown Dwarfs and Directly Imaged Exoplanets in Young Associations - Faherty, Jacqueline (including: Kirkpatrick, J.)
Infrared Stellar Populations: Probing the Beginning and the End - Meixner, Margaret (including: Armus, L.)
WFIRST: The Essential Cosmology Space Observatory for the Coming Decade - Dore, Olivier (including: Capak, P.; Wang, Y.; Zhai, Z.)
The Chemical Enrichment History of the Universe - Smith, J. D. (including: Armus, L.)
A Balancing Act: Biosignature and Anti-Biosignature Studies in the Next Decade and Beyond - Harman, Chester (including: Gelino, D.)
Cold Debris Disks as Strategic Targets for the 2020s - Debes, John (including: Ygouf, M.)
Robustly Mapping the Distribution of Star Formation in High-z Galaxies - Murphy, Eric (including: Armus, L.; Capak, P.; Chary, R.)
Stellar Physics and Galactic Archaeology using Asteroseismology in the 2020's - Huber, Daniel (including: Christiansen, J.)
The Demographics and Atmospheres of Giant Planets with the ELTs - Bowler, Brendan (including: Meshkat, T.)
Imaging the Key Stages of Planet Formation - Monnier, John (including: Akeson, R.)
Wide-Orbit Exoplanet Demographics - Bennett, David (including: Akeson, R.; Christiansen, J.; Fulton, B.; Henderson, C.)
Extremely obscured galaxy nuclei - hidden AGNs and extreme starbursts - Aalto, Susanne (including: Armus, L.)
Masses and Distances of Planetary Microlens Systems with High Angular Resolution Imaging - Bhattacharya, Aparna (including: Akeson, R.; Ciardi, D.; Henderson, C.)
Measurement of the Free-Floating Planet Mass Function with Simultaneous Euclid and WFIRST Microlensing Parallax Observations - Penny, Matthew (including: Akeson, R.; Beichman, C.)
High-resolution Infrared Spectrograph for Exoplanet Characterization with the Keck and Thirty Meter Telescopes - Mawet, Dimitri (including: Beichman, C.; Ciardi, D.)
Directly Imaging Rocky Planets from the Ground - Mazin, Ben (including: Beichman, C.)
The Super-Earth Opportunity - Search for Habitable Exoplanets in the 2020s - Hu, Renyu (including: Beichman, C.)
Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Planetary Systems - Fabbiano, Giuseppina (including: Berriman, G.; Mazzarella, J.)
High-Energy Photon and Particle Effects on Exoplanet Atmospheres and Habitability - Drake, Jeremy (including: Gelino, D.)
Comparing key compositional indicators in Jupiter with those in extra-solar giant planets. - Lunine, Jonathan (including: Beichman, C.)
Discovery of Cold Brown Dwarfs or Free-Floating Giant Planets Close to the Sun - Leggett, Sandy (including: Kirkpatrick, J.)
The Planetary Systems Imager for TMT - Fitzgerald, Michael (including: Beichman, C.)
Modeling Debris Disk Evolution - Gaspar, Andras (including: Beichman, C.; Meshkat, T.; Ygouf, M.)
Community Involvement in the WFIRST Exoplanet Microlensing Survey - Bennett, David (including: Akeson, R.; Calchi Novati, S.; Henderson, C.)
Opportunities for Astrophysical Science from the Inner and Outer Solar System - Zemcov, Michael (including: Beichman, C.; Chary, R.)
Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Resolved Stellar Populations - Fabbiano, Giuseppina (including: Berriman, G.; Mazzarella, J.)
Unsolved Problems in Modern Astrophysics: Anomalous Microwave Emission - Murphy, Eric (including: Helou, G.; Paladini, R.)
Cold Gas Outflows, Feedback, and the Shaping of Galaxies - Bolatto, Alberto (including: Armus, L.)
Planetary Science with Astrophysical Assets: Defining the Core Capabilities of Platforms - Bauer, James (including: Carey, S.)
The Life Cycle of Dust - Sadavoy, Sarah (including: Armus, L.; Paladini, R.)
The End of Galaxy Surveys - Rhodes, Jason (including: Capak, P.)
Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Stars and Stellar Evolution - Fabbiano, Giuseppina (including: Berriman, G.; Mazzarella, J.)
Cosmic Dawn and Reionization: Astrophysics in the Final Frontier - Cooray, Asantha (including: Appleton, P.; Armus, L.; Chary, R.)
Understanding Exoplanet Atmospheres with UV Observations II: The Far UV and Atmospheric Escape - Lopez, Eric (including: Christiansen, J.)
Towards a Theory for Star Formation on All Scales - Murphy, Eric (including: Armus, L.)
The Nature of Low-Density Star Formation - Thilker, David (including: Capak, P.; Cook, D.; Lee, J.)
Ultra Deep Field Science with WFIRST - Koekemoer, Anton (including: Capak, P.; Wang, Y.)
FOBOS: A Next-Generation Spectroscopic Facility - Bundy, Kevin (including: Capak, P.)
The Future of Exoplanet Direct Detection - Monnier, John (including: Akeson, R.)
The Scientific Context of WFIRST, Microlensing in the 2020s - Yee, Jennifer (including: Akeson, R.; Beichman, C.; Henderson, C.)
Empirically Constraining Galaxy Evolution - Behroozi, Peter (including: Wang, Y.)
ANUBIS - A Probe-Class UVO Space Observatory (AstroNomical Uv proBe Imager & Spectrograph) - Scowen, Paul (including: Grillmair, C.)
Taking Census of Massive, Star-Forming Galaxies formed <1 Gyr After the Big Bang - Casey, Caitlin (including: Armus, L.; Capak, P.)
The Galaxy Evolution Probe - Glenn, Jason (including: Armus, L.)
The IMF at Very Low Mass Using Near-IR Surveys from Space: The Need for Deep K-band Imaging - Stauffer, John (including: Carey, S.; Kirkpatrick, J.)
Mapping the Inner Structure of Quasars with Time-Domain Spectroscopy - Shen, Yue (including: Prakash, A.)
The Future Landscape of High-Redshift Galaxy Cluster Science - Mantz, Adam (including: Prakash, A.)
Substellar Multiplicity Throughout the Ages - Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella (including: Gelino, C.; Marocco, F.)
Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Compact Objects - Fabbiano, Giuseppina (including: Berriman, G.; Mazzarella, J.)
JWST: Probing the Epoch of Reionization with a Wide Field Time-Domain Survey - Wang, Lifan (including: Wang, X.)
The Dynamic Infrared Sky - Kasliwal, Mansi (including: Helou, G.)
Simultaneous Measurements of Star Formation and Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Galaxies - Pope, Alexandra (including: Appleton, P.; Armus, L.; Capak, P.; Chary, R.)
Origins Space Telescope: From First Light to Life - Cooray, Asantha (including: Armus, L.)
Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Galaxy Evolution - Fabbiano, Giuseppina (including: Berriman, G.; Mazzarella, J.)
Imaging Cool Giant Planets in Reflected Light: Science Investigations and Synergy with Habitable Planets - Marley, Mark (including: Beichman, C.; Gelino, D.)
The Multidimensional Milky Way - Sanderson, Robyn (including: Armus, L.; Grillmair, C.)
Unveiling Cosmic Dawn: the synergetic role of space and ground-based telescopes - Cuby, Jean-Gabriel (including: Capak, P.)
Opportunities in Time-Domain Extragalactic Astrophysics with the NASA Near-Earth Object Camera (NEOCam) - Ross, Nicholas (including: Kirkpatrick, J.)
Cosmic Dawn Intensity Mapper - Cooray, Asantha (including: Chary, R.; Morris, P.; Lee, B.)
Subaru and WFIRST: A Partnership for the 2020s - Rhodes, Jason (including: Capak, P.)
A NASA-led US Contribution to the ESA/JAXA SPICA Mission: Unveiling the Dust Obscured Universe - Cooray, Asantha (including: Appleton, P.; Armus, L.; Chary, R.; Helou, G.)
Partnering space and ground observatories - Synergies in cosmology from LSST and WFIRST - Eifler, Tim (including: Capak, P.; Wang, Y.)
Cosmological Synergies Enabled by Joint Analysis of Multi-probe data from WFIRST, Euclid, and LSST - Rhodes, Jason (including: Chary, R.; Wang, Y.)
'Auxiliary' Science with the WFIRST Microlensing Survey - Gaudi, B. Scott (including: Akeson, R.; Calchi Novati, S.; Henderson, C.)
Engaging Citizen Scientists to Keep Transit Times Fresh and Ensure the Efficient Use of Transiting Exoplanet Characterization Missions - Zellem, Robert (including: Ciardi, D.)
Cosmic voids: a novel probe to shed light on our Universe - Pisani, Alice (including: Wang, Y.)
Warm H2 as a probe of massive accretion and feedback through shocks and turbulence across cosmic time - Appleton, Philip (including: Appleton, P.; Armus, L.; Capak, P.; Helou, G.)
Observing Galaxy Evolution in the Context of Large-Scale Structure - Dickinson, Mark (including: Capak, P.; Chary, R.; Helou, G.; Lee, J.; Wang, Y.)
Increasing the Discovery Space in Astrophysics: The Exploration Question for Cosmology - Fabbiano, Giuseppina (including: Berriman, G.; Mazzarella, J.)
Precision Analysis of Evolved Stars - Ridgway, Stephen (including: Akeson, R.)
Dark Matter Science in the Era of LSST - Bechtol, Keith (including: Prakash, A.)
Dark Matter Physics with Wide Field Spectroscopic Surveys - Li, Ting (including: Grillmair, C.)
Gravity and Light: Combining Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Observations in the 2020s - Foley, Ryan (including: Cook, D.)
The Importance of Supporting Astronomy Education Research, Curriculum Reform, and Professional Development in Astronomy Education - Coble, Kim (including: Rebull, L.)
Sustaining Community-Driven Software for Astronomy in the 2020s - Tollerud, Erik (including: Shupe, D.)
Outline of Analysis Studies Conducted by NASA Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group Members During the Past 10 Years - Scowen, Paul (including: Lee, J.)
Extreme Precision Radial Velocity Working Group - Gaudi, Scott (including: Beichman, C.; Ciardi, D.; Fulton, B.)
Support the Python Numerical Core - Harrington, Joseph (including: Akeson, R.; Christiansen, J.)
Advancing Space Science Requires NASA Support for Coordination Between the Science Mission Directorate Communities - Mandt, Kathleen E. (including: Gelino, D.)
The Legacy of the Great Observatories: Panchromatic Coverage as a Strategic Goal for NASA Astrophysics - Megeath, S. Thomas (including: Armus, L.)
The need for single-mode fiber-fed spectrographs - Crass, Jonathan (including: Beichman, C.)
Enabling Science Learning: Effectively Providing a Direct Connection to the Science - Smith, Denise (including: Lee, J.; Squires, G.)
Robust Archives Maximize Scientific Accessibility - Peek, Joshua (including: Desai, V.; Mazzarella, J.)
Stella Splendida: Building the science and engineering workforce of the 21st Century - Arenberg, Jonathan (including: Carey, S.; Gelino, D.)
The need for robust, near real-time data services on large, ground-based OIR facilities - O'Meara, John (including: Berriman, G.)
Elevating the Role of Software as a Product of the Research Enterprise - Smith, Arfon (including: Desai, V.)
Searches for Technosignatures: The State of the Profession - Wright, Jason (including: Gelino, D.)
Key Challenges for AAS Journals in the Next Decade - Levesque, Emily (including: Gelino, D.)
The Growing Importance of a Tech Savvy Astronomy and Astrophysics Workforce - Norman, Dara (including: Desai, V.)
The Case for Probe-class NASA Astrophysics Missions - Elvis, Martin (including: Beichman, C.; Helou, G.; Wang, Y.)
Enabling the next generation of scientific discoveries by embracing photonic technologies - Jovanovic, Nemanja (including: Beichman, C.)