The LAEX and NASA portals for CoRoT public data

October 2009 • 2009A&A...506..455S

Authors • Solano, E. • von Braun, K. • Velasco, A. • Ciardi, D. R. • Gutiérrez, R. • McElroy, D. L. • López, M. • Abajian, M. • García, M. • Ali, B. • Sarro, L. M. • Berriman, G. B. • Bryden, G. • Chan, B. • Good, J. • Kane, S. R. • Laity, A. C. • Lau, C. • Payne, A. N. • Plavchan, P. • Ramirez, S. • Schmitz, M. • Stauffer, J. R. • Wyatt, P. L. • Zhang, A.

Abstract • Aims: We describe here the main functionalities of the LAEX (Laboratorio de Astrofísica Estelar y Exoplanetas/Laboratory for Stellar Astrophysics and Exoplanets) and NASA portals for CoRoT Public Data. The CoRoT archive at LAEX was opened to the community in January 2009 and is managed in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory. NStED (NASA Star and Exoplanet Database) serves as the CoRoT portal for the US astronomical community. NStED is a general purpose stellar and exoplanet archive with the aim of providing support for NASA's planet finding and characterisation goals, and the planning and support of NASA and other space missions. CoRoT data at LAEX and NStED can be accessed at http://sdc.laeff.inta.es/corotfa/ and http://nsted.ipac.caltech.edu, respectively.
Methods: Based on considerable experience with astronomical archives, the aforementioned archives are designed with the aim of delivering science-quality data in a simple and efficient way.
Results: LAEX and NStED not only provide access to CoRoT Public Data but furthermore serve a variety of observed and calculated astrophysical data. In particular, NStED provides scientifically validated information on stellar and planetary data related to the search for and characterization of extrasolar planets, and LAEX makes any information from Virtual Observatory services available to the astronomical community.

CoRoT is a space project operated by the French Space Agency, CNES, with participation of the Science Programme of ESA, ESTEC/RSSD, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, and Spain.


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