IPAC Welcomes Flo Langilotti as New IPAC Facilities Lead

Written by Marcy Harbut

IPAC welcomes our new Facilities Coordinator, Flo Langilotti. Flo takes up the task after IPAC said goodbye to long-time IPACer Jack Lampley.

As Facilities Coordinator Flo oversees all aspects of managing IPAC office buildings and data centers, including being responsible for emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, office moves and renovations, ensuring robustness and stability of data center power and cooling, equipment tracking and tagging, and more. There is a strong and cooperative relationship between the IPAC Facilities Coordinator and Caltech’s various facilities and security departments.

"Everything we do and everyone at IPAC depends on the work of our Facilities Coordinator," said IPAC Manager David Imel. "It’s a behind-the-scenes role but it is vitally important to our flight projects, archives, data centers, science research and day-to-day life at IPAC. With Flo, we have someone who is extremely talented and experienced. We are in good hands."

A Pasadena native, Flo brings many years of high-level management experience that includes over 20 years of managing budgets, having worked previously with the City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County Public Works, the Orange County Transit Authority, and most recently, the University of Southern California, where she was responsible for making sure all of the campus buildings and facilities were maintained and run efficiently. She is also past president of the Pasadena Management Association and a graduate of the Leadership Pasadena program. Learn more about Flo in her recent Q&A.

"Since starting at IPAC, I have enjoyed coming to work every day," said Flo. "I love what I do and the people I work with. As I take on this new role, I look forward to learning about the scientific side of IPAC and using my budget and project  management skills to contribute to the NExScI team."

Flo is also assuming some of the duties previously handled by Sean Carey, who is stepping down from his role as NExScI Manager to take up other tasks within IPAC. As NExScI Operations Lead, Flo will manage budget management and oversight.

"NExScI would like to thank Sean for his many technical and managerial contributions," said NExScI Executive Director Charles "Chas" Beichman. "Sean’s wisdom, expertise, and comradeship has enabled NExScI to develop a long-range vision for supporting NASA’s exoplanet endeavors and the exoplanet scientific community. Additionally, Sean’s leadership was crucial in the development of NExScI’s precision radial velocity activities associated with the NEID-WIYN and KPF-Keck instruments and helped NExScI get through COVID and its many challenges. We wish Sean the best on his next set of IPAC activities."

Date: December 14th, 2023
Category: IPAC News
Image Link: flo_langilotti_headshot.jpg