Flo Langilotti

Facilities Coordinator / NExScI Operations Lead


While IPACers still miss Jack Lampley who took care of IPAC facilities for the past decade, Jack transferred his knowledge and skills on IPAC facilities to Flo Langilotti before retiring. IPAC facility issues are now in the experienced hands of Flo, who says that she has found happiness at IPAC and has already expanded her duties at IPAC to include becoming Operations Lead at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI).

Flo, tell us something about your background. Where did you work before and what was your role?

I was born and raised in Pasadena, so Pasadena has always been home. Although I was originally a business major I changed majors as I found I did not like business. Ironically, during my working career I have done budgeting for over 20 years! I have always been curious in every position I have held, and always want to know not just what I do, but how what I do fits into the overall scope of what the organization does. It has been this curiosity that has resulted in my pivoting several times in my career, from working as a legislative analyst with Los Angeles County Public Works (PW) to writing grants for the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA), and then as a financial analyst with the City of Glendale, where I was responsible for the PW Traffic and Transportation budgets. 

After that I worked for the City of Pasadena for 20 years, during which I served as Pasadena Management Association (PMA) President for five years. It was when I worked in the City Manager's Office as the Assistant to the City Manager that I developed an interest in facilities and operations, which led me to the position as City of Pasadena’s PW Building Systems and Fleet Maintenance Division Administrator. 

The last job that I had prior to coming to IPAC was as the Facility Manager at the University of Southern California (USC). I was responsible for ensuring that all the buildings and facilities in the USC family were maintained and ran efficiently and effectively. That job became very stressful after COVID-19 hit.

What made you interested in applying for a job at IPAC?

While I love working in facilities, I found that my positions at the City of Pasadena and at USC took me away from my family, as I was on call 24/7. I wanted to continue to work in facilities but return to a more balanced work–family life.

Did you know any people at IPAC beforehand?

Yes, in 2011, while working for the City of Pasadena, I was chosen to participate in a group called Leadership Pasadena (LP). The purpose of LP is to bring the various segments of the Pasadena community together to create informed, motivated and collaborative community leaders who make a positive impact in our community, and improve their leadership skills at home, work and in the community. While participating in the program I met Gordon Squires from IPAC. Gordon had previously participated in the LP program and acted as a facilitator between the “teachers and students.” Gordon gave us a fabulous tour and he talked about IPAC.

What has been your first impression of IPAC and IPACers?

The one thing I noticed even before I started at IPAC is the sense of family and inclusion. Before I decided to apply for the position, I reached out to Gordon, and he invited me to visit IPAC and Caltech. Everyone he introduced me to was so nice and friendly. I have really felt welcome since I started, and it feels like I have been here much longer than six months.

What do you hope to accomplish as the NExScI manager?

It was the challenge outside of my regular duties that earlier in my career led me to work on public sector budgets for over 20 years. The same thing happened almost immediately here at IPAC. While I LOVE what I do as a facilities manager, I thought the NExScI position would provide an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about the scientific side of IPAC and would allow me to use some of those budgeting, scheduling and reporting skills I have acquired throughout my working life.

What kind of advice did you receive from Jack Lampley?

I think Jack is amazing and I wish we could have worked together longer! Jack's advice was simple: do your job with attention to detail, keep the IPAC Manager informed, and you will be successful. Jack did everything in his power to ensure the transition would be seamless. He had so much institutional knowledge and I know I have big shoes to fill.

What is your life like outside of work?

I am a long-distance runner. I have participated in two marathons (one half and one full one) since I started at IPAC. I also like to mountain bike and I do a lot of hiking. I keep in touch with my family members (I have four kids, three of which have moved away from home, while the youngest is a junior in high school). As a family we have also attended the JPL Open House events, and I personally really enjoy learning about science and astronomy. My second oldest son has a telescope, and we do some stargazing when out hiking or camping.