Joint Survey Processing Splinter Session

Despite the cancellation of the AAS, on Tue Jan 11th between 1-4pm Pacific (4-7pm Eastern), we plan to hold the planned splinter on Joint Survey Processing (JSP) on Zoom.

This is a step towards building formal quantitative photometric, astrometric and data product requirements for each science area. In conjunction with the AURA Rubin-Roman synergies effort and the Rubin-Euclid Derived Data Products effort, this splinter will result in a document which serves as input towards building a JSP system.

All talks will be linked afterwards on

All presentations will be 10 minutes + 3 minutes for questions.
Session 1 -  13:00-14:20 hrs PST
  • Ranga Ram Chary (Caltech / IPAC) - Introduction: Why now?
  • Jason Rhodes (JPL) - Cross-project discussions
  • Julie McEnery (GSFC) - Roman data products
  • Robyn Sanderson (UPenn) - Stellar motion requirements
  • Peter Melchior (Princeton) - Weak lensing requirements
  • Scott Gaudi (OSU) - Galactic Bulge Variability Survey Data Products
  • Will Dawson (LLNL) - Microlensing: Rubin-Romain Joint Pixel Processing and Temporal Complementarity
Session 2 - 14:30-16:00 hrs PST
  • Jason Rhodes (JPL) - Euclid data products
  • Zeljko Ivezic (Rubin) - Rubin data products, LSST science requirements and Rubin-Roman-Euclid synergies
  • Leanne Guy (Rubin) - Euclid-Rubin Derived Data Products discussions
  • Sergio Fajardo-Acosta (Caltech / IPAC) - Stellar streams: challenges from Subaru-HSC JSP
  • David Rubin (UHawaii) - Supernova science requirements 
  • Andreas Faisst (Caltech / IPAC) - High redshift galaxies/EoR: challenges from Subaru-HSC JSP
  • POSTPONED: Suvi Gezari (STScI) - AGN variability requirements