Jason Wang (UC Berkeley)

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The Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey, Automated // The GPI Exoplanet Survey (GPIES) is a multi-year 600 star survey to discover and characterize young Jovian exoplanets and their planet forming environments. I will describe the GPI Data Cruncher, an automated and real-time data processing framework that combines multiple data reduction pipelines to process all spectroscopic, polarimetric, and calibration data. The Data Cruncher is able to generate fully-reduced data minutes after the data is taken and can also reprocess the entire campaign in a single day on a supercomputer. The Data Cruncher integrates into a larger automated data processing infrastructure which automatically syncs all data to the cloud, logs all data to a database, and provides a user-friendly web interface to access the data. I will discuss the benefits the GPIES data infrastructure, including using it to find planets, characterize instrument performance, and constrain giant planet occurrence. Lastly, I will discuss new algorithmic developments to automatically search for planets.

12:15 PM, May 24th, 2017
Morrisroe LCR
Science Talk