2017 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop

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IPAC announces the 2017 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop, which will take place Aug 7-11 on the campus of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.  Organized annually by the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) and covering a different topic each year, the workshop will explore the microlensing method for exoplanet search in the context of current mission capabilities and the future WFIRST (Wide-Field Infra-Red Survey Telescope) microlensing survey. Designed for anyone in the scientific community interested in learning about the topic, the summer workshop will offer presentations from leaders in the field, data analysis hands-on sessions, and an opportunity for participants to present their own work during several presentation/poster sessions.

The first half of the workshop will introduce the theory of microlensing and discuss the importance of microlensing in understanding planetary populations and demographics, especially beyond the snow line.  The second half will address the broad potential of the WFIRST's Wide Field Imaging microlensing survey for (non-microlensing) science in the galactic bulge and offer and introduction to microlensing science with other active or upcoming missions like Gaia and Euclid. In the hands-on session, participants will learn how to identify planetary signals in both previously published microlensing events and simulated WFIRST light curves, and perform full numerical fits to the simulated WFIRST data to study the kinds of planets that WFIRST will find.

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August 7th - 11th, 2017
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