Exploring the Transient Universe with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope


We are pleased to announce the conference, "Exploring the Transient Universe with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope," to be held February 8-10, 2022 fully online. This conference is being organized and hosted by the Roman Science Support Center at IPAC.

Time-domain astrophysics comprises a vast array of phenomena, that span the range from our own Solar System to high-redshift galaxies, from asteroids and comets to novae, supernovae, active galactic nuclei, and gamma-ray bursts. We are now in the age of multi-messenger astrophysics, with the electromagnetic signatures of gravitational-wave sources within our observational grasp, most recently illustrated by the binary neutron-star merger GW170817. The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be a powerful observatory for exploring the time-varying Universe. Via its core surveys, it will search for supernova explosions at cosmological distances, as well as for the microlensing signatures of planets orbiting stars in our Galaxy. Roman will naturally enable serendipitous discoveries and analyses of many other time-variable phenomena during the course of its mission, through a vigorous investigation program including new surveys. This 3-day conference will bring together inclusively members of the community to discuss the exciting time-domain astrophysics that will be investigated with the Roman Space Telescope.

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Please note the registration deadline is January 21, 2022.