The may 1985 Super Outburst of Oy-Carinae - Part One - Structure of the Outer Disk from Optical and Infrared Observations

February 1987 • 1987Ap&SS.130..365N

Authors • Naylor, T. • Bailey, J. • Bateson, F. M. • Berriman, G. • Charles, P. A. • Coulson, I. M. • Hyland, A. R. • Reinsch, K. • Warner, B. • Whitelock, P. A.

Abstract • We present optical and IR observations of the dwarf nova OY Car during the May 1985 superoutburst. From them we find that the superhump has a temperature of ∼8000K and an area of order half the size of the red dwarf or accretion disk. We also compare the behaviour during two simultaneous optical/IR observations. Whilst the light curves in the two pass bands are similar during one observation, in the other observation they show marked differences that may be due to a cool region in the outer disk.


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Bruce Berriman

Senior Scientist