IPAC Visiting Graduate Fellowship

Program Description

Established in 2013, the IPAC Visiting Graduate Student Program offers every year several six-month graduate student fellowships designed to allow students from other U.S. or international institutions to perform astronomical research in close association with an IPAC scientist. Selected applicant will be based at IPAC during the duration of the Fellowship, nominally January to July, with some flexibility on the starting and ending dates. Funding from IPAC will be provided for a 6-month period via monthly stipends. The exact number of fellowships awarded each year is decided based on available funding.

Application Deadline

The call for 2019 applications is now open. Applications are due by August 24, 2018.
Contact: Dr Patrick Lowrance (lowrance at ipac dot caltech dot edu)
For more info: http://www.ipac.caltech.edu/page/graduate-fellowship

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Application Instructions

Eligible applicants should have completed preliminary course work in their graduate program. Each applicant must submit:

  • A brief letter of introduction indicating your interest in a particular research area connected with IPAC research. The letter should include the following information:
  • A brief description of your current status as a graduate student, including relevant course work completed.
  • A brief description of how your current research interests might match one of the IPAC research projects described below. Please rank the top 3 projects that you might like to participate in. 
  • Please list any research experience you may already have in astronomy. In addition, please tell us of any experience you may have with astronomical and image processing software packages (e. g. IRAF, IDL, HIPE, AIPS etc).
  • The approximate start-date of your visit (nominally early Jan 2019).
  • A one-page CV

In addition, we ask that a current professor or academic advisor familiar with the applicant’s work upload a letter of reference (PDF) using this page. This letter should also indicate that the applicant is available to visit IPAC during the proposed period, and address how well the visit would mesh with the applicant’s graduate education.

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2019 Research Projects

Click here to view the list of the available projects for 2019.

Past Research Projects


For more information please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Patrick Lowrance, lowrance [at] ipac.caltech.edu