New Version of IRSA Viewer

There's a brand new version of IRSA Viewer, and time series tool, DCE, catalog search tool, data discovery (that box on the IRSA front page), IRTF, and Atlas, but NOT YET Finder Chart, ZTF, SHA, WISE, or SOFIA. Those will come in the next few months!

This version changes the look and feel of the tool, modernizing it and updating the icons. All the same functionality is there, and now dark mode is supported! The online help has been updated — there is a help page called “Quick Start for the Impatient” if you are an expert and just want to see the new stuff. Try it out and see what you think!

You can get started with this overview movie about the newest features in this version of IRSA Viewer. As always, the video is in HD and has English subtitles - click on the ‘cc’ button in the lower right of your YouTube window to turn on the closed captioning.



Date: May 21st, 2024
Category: Project News
Image Link: IRSA_Viewer_screenshot.jpg