What is a black hole? Astro-Investigates Episode 1

Black holes - what are they really? Learn this and more with “Astro-Investigates,” a new video series that explores and explains big astrophysics topics with the help of NASA scientists. Caltech/IPAC's Keith Miller (Editor/Director/Co-Producer) and Robert Hurt (Science Visualizations/Co-Producer) are working with NASA/JPL on this new and exciting series!

In this first episode, you’ll hear from:

  • Joanna Piotrowska - Astrophysicist at Caltech
  • Varoujan Gorjian - NASA Research Astronomer at JPL and Caltech/IPAC
  • Daniel Stern - NASA Astrophysicist
  • Michele Vallisneri - NASA Theoretical physicist

Host and Co-Producer: Chelsea Gohd (JPL).

To learn more about black holes and NASA missions studying these mysterious objects, visit the NASA Science black holes webpage.



Date: May 8th, 2024
Category: Project News
Image Link: Black_Hole_2024.05.08.jpg