IRSA 2022 Highlights

IRSA continued with  a number of milestones, releases and updates in 2022. ZTF data abounded, and the community contributed a number of data sets.

New Data in the Archive

IRSA has been releasing new data from the Zwicky Transient Facility every two months during 2022. The 14th public data release in November contains approximately 43.8 million images, 701 billion source detections extracted from these images, and over 4.5 billion light curves.

IRSA has released two simulated data sets generated by the Roman Cosmology Science Investigation Team: the Roman HLSS Grism Simulation Products and the Roman HLSS Galaxy Mock Catalog.

IRSA has released a number of observational data sets contributed by community members:

IRSA Functionality Upgrades

A new version of IRSA Viewer allows pinning of custom plots of tabular data, enabling a simultaneous view of multiple different chart types and axes.

IRSA has released a new version of the software underlying WISE Image Service with a modern user interface consistent with other IRSA tools. Twelve of the tutorial videos for the WISE Image Service have been updated.

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Date: January 30th, 2023
Category: Project News
Image Link: irsaviewer_20220928.png