NEOWISE Completes 17 Coverages of the Full Sky

As of mid-June 2022, NEOWISE has completed 17 coverages of the full sky since the start of the Reactivation mission and is beginning the 18th. Approximately 1.3 million infrared measurements have been made of 41,021 different solar system objects, including 1,389 NEOs and 249 comets.

The NEOWISE project has completed reprocessing all primary mission data to extend the search for asteroids and comets to fainter limits, and to take advantage of the improved photometric and astrometric calibrations available. These detections have been submitted to the Minor Planet Center and await ingesting. The Project has also delivered a preliminary catalog of physical properties for known minor planets to NASA's Planetary Data System, which will be updated at the end of the mission to include the improved photometry and astrometry from reprocessing, recent data from the NEOWISE Reactivation Survey and properties of objects measured in stacked observations.

Date: June 30th, 2022
Category: Project News
Image Link: neowise20210831.jpg