Cross-Matching the Entire All-Sky 2MASS Point Source Catalog with NED

A major update to the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database was released featuring the results of cross-matching the entire all-sky 2MASS Point Source Catalog with NED. 57 million of 471 million sources (12%) match with prior NED objects, and their J, H, and K photometric measurements have been merged into spectral energy distributions.

This release also includes the addition of 47 million objects that have been cross-identified from other catalogs and journal articles; 1.2 million object links to 3,248 new references; and the addition of 1,064 spectra and 84 images contributed by authors.

The NED content has more than doubled with addition of the 2MASS PSC data.

Current holdings include over 666 million distinct objects with 773 million cross-IDs, and nearly 5 billion photometric measurements joined across the spectrum.

More information is available in the release notes (

Date: August 2nd, 2018
Category: Project News
Image Link: NED_Allsky_201807.png