Anthony Pahl (UCLA): "The Connection between the Escape of Ionizing Photons and Galaxy Properties at z~3"


The connection between the escape fraction of ionizing photons (f_esc) and the properties of galaxies, such as stellar mass, age, and star-formation rate, are key inputs for reionization models, but many of these relationships remain untested at high redshift. In this talk, I present an analysis of a sample of ~100 galaxies from the Keck Lyman Continuum Spectroscopic Survey. These galaxies have both sensitive Keck/LRIS spectroscopic measurements of the Lyman continuum region and multi-band photometry, placing constraints on stellar population parameters. Of particular interest is a subsample of 35 galaxies with high-resolution V_606 imaging, enabling estimates of rest-UV sizes, and thus, star-formation rate surface density. I will present f_esc measurements of the full sample binned as a function of stellar mass, age, SFR and E(B-V), alongside our exploration of the relationship between f_esc and star-formation surface density at z~3. This is the most comprehensive analysis of galaxy properties and LyC escape to date, and will be used to guide future models and observations of the reionization epoch.

Date: 12:15 PM, September 21st, 2022
Location: MR-102 and online, please visit to sign up to get talk announcements with Zoom URLs.
Category: Science Talk