People of IPAC: New Leaders, New Roles, New Staff

There were many changes in the IPAC team in 2023. We filled 15 positions with people who either joined IPAC afresh or with existing staff  who transitioned to new roles. There were also leadership changes with Flo Langilotti starting as the new Facilities Coordinator and later also as the NExScI Operations Lead and Ben Rusholme was appointed to the inaugural IPAC Chief Engineer position. 

Personnel joining IPAC or assuming new roles included:

  • Aragon, Francisco - Administrative Assistant
  • Bachelet, Etienne - Staff Scientist (Roman)
  • Baghdassarian, Patrick - Applications Developer (IRSA)
  • Bratton, Eric L Research - Support Technician (IRSA)
  • Ehler, Analetta - Systems Engineer (NEO Surveyor/ENSCI)
  • Finner, Kyle David - Staff Scientist (Roman)
  • Hang, Justin - Application Developer (Roman)
  • Langilotti, Florinda (Flo) - Facilities Coordinator
  • Molano, Teresa - Office Assistant
  • Mosheva, Tatiana - Database Engineer (NEO Surveyor)
  • Sobek, Jennifer Sunshine - Staff Scientist (Roman)
  • Stugalov, Alexander - Applications Developer (Roman)
  • Ter-oganesyan, Sarmen - Operations Engineer (Roman)
  • Velicheti, Phani Datta - Application Developer (SPHEREx)
  • Zaytsev, Denis - Application Developer (IRSA)

We also said goodbye to a few valued members of our staff who retired or transitioned to other opportunities. We wish for a long and joyful retirement to long-time IPACers Jack Lampley (joined IPAC in 1982) and Mihseh Kong (started at IPAC in 1988). Ken Marsh also retired (started in 2018).

Date: December 15th, 2021
Category: IPAC News
Image Link: people.jpeg