The LWS Interactive Analysis (LIA)

The LWS Interactive Analysis (LIA, latest version found here) is a software package designed to allow the user to inspect, reprocess and recalibrate their LWS data with the possibility of interactively customizing the various data reduction stages to their particular set of data. The LWS data shipped by ESA are produced by an automatic reduction pipeline (Off-Line Processing or OLP); the calibration accuracy of these products is generally good within 20% on average.  LIA allows the user to check the quality of his/her scientific and calibration data; besides, there are cases where the quality of the data may be  worse than normal for a series of reasons, and this is where LIA also enters into play.

LIA is a joint developement of the ISO-LWS Instrument Team at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL, UK - the PI Institute) and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC/Caltech, USA).  Version 8.0 of LIA,for ISAP 1.6 and later versions users only, has been released on May 4, 2000 and is available for you to download.

Three classes of routines are available under LIA:

  • Inspection Routines: designed to allow the LWS data user to inspect his/her pipeline products as produced through the Standard Processing stage (SPD) and the Auto Analysis stage (AAR).

  • Interactive Routines: designed to allow the user to customize the data reduction process and to tune the algorithms used in the data reduction.

  • Recalibration Routines: designed to allow the user to recalibrate the data reprocessed using the interactive routines, or to make a complete non-interactive reprocessing using defaults other than those used by the automatic OLP.


    Data reduction & analysis recipes are available at

    LIA is a relatively new package which is proving extremely helpful to understand and improve the quality of the calibrated LWS spectra. Due to its novelty, though, bugs are being found, especially thanks to the input from the user community. Some of these may be serious in the sense that for certain AOTs and revolution ranges, the files produced through the LIA interactive routines may be incorrect. Identified problems are being fixed. More details about  the problems and corrected versions of the routines are available here

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