Monday: Census of Young Disks in the Galaxy

Monday Posters (1-28)

Neal Evans - Initial Conditions - Transition from Cores to Disks
Jes Jørgensen - Observations of the Earliest Stages of Protostellar Disks
Dan Watson - Rainfall from Protostellar Envelopes onto Protoplanetary Disks
Thomas Henning - "Role of Disks in Massive Star Formation"
Thomas Robitaille - Spitzer Observations of Young Stellar Objects Throughout the Milky-Way
Joseph Hora - The Spitzer Legacy Survey of the Cygnus-X Region
Tom Megeath - Disk Frequency and Distribution in OB Associations
Jonathan Williams - Disk masses in the Orion Trapezium Cluster
Scott Wolk - Spitzer and X-ray Observations of Star Forming Regions
Aleks Scholz - Brown Dwarf Disks in the Spitzer Era
Lori Allen - Disks in Nearby Low Mass Star-forming Regions
Fernando Comerón - What Spitzer Missed: New Members of Lupus 3 That Don't Boast Their Youth

Tuesday: Characterization of Young Stellar Disks

Tuesday Posters (29-73)

Nuria Calvet - Issues in Disk SED modeling
Shantanu Basu - The Formation and Evolution of Protostellar Disks
Neal Turner - Understanding Spitzer Observations of Protostellar Disks Using 3-D MHD Calculations
Bruno Merín - The Observed Diversity of YSO Disk Properties
Colette Salyk - IRS Detections of Water Vapor in Protoplanetary Disks
William Forrest - High Temperature Silica in Protoplanetary Disks
Jeroen Bouwman - Disk Composition from Spectra"
Johan Olofsson - Coagulation and Crystallization of Silicates in Protoplanetary Disks: A c2d Spitzer/IRS Survey
Klaus Pontoppidan - "Imaging of molecular gas in Protoplanetary Disks on 1 AU Scales Using Spectro-astrometry"
David Wilner - Spatially Resolved YSO Disk Studies - Present and Future
Andrea Isella - CARMA Observations of Protoplanetary Disks: Initial Conditions and Evolution
Sean Andrews - Protoplanetary Disk Structure with the SMA

Wednesday: Transition Disks and Disk Evolution

Wednesday Posters (74-98)

Eugene Chiang - From T Tauri disks to Transitional Disks: accretion and planetesimal formation
Jesus Hernandez - Disk Census in the Star-Forming Regions of the Orion OB Associations
Adam Kraus - The Role of Multiplicity in Protoplanetary Disk Evolution
Richard Alexander - Gas Phase Processes in Disk Evolution
Manuel Guedel - Is Mid-Infrared [Ne II] Emission a Tracer for X-Ray Ionized and Heated Gas in Protoplanetary Disks?
Sean Brittain - The Observation of Warm Gas in Transitional Disks Around Herbig Ae/Be Stars
Joan Najita - Gas in YSO and Transition Disks
Elise Furlan - Disk Evolution in Taurus, Ophiuchus, and Chamaeleon I
James Muzerolle - "Spitzer Census of Transition Disks"
Thayne Currie - "Debris Disks and the Formation of Terrestrial and Icy Planets"
Panel Discussion: Nomenclature for Young Disks
Moderator: Neal Evans

Thursday: Debris Disks

Thursday Posters (99-123)

John Carpenter - Debris disk census from 5 Myrs to 5 Gyrs
Ben Zuckerman - Planetary Systems Around Close Binary Stars: the Case of the Very Dusty, Sun-like, Spectroscopic Binary BD+20 307
Clio Gielen - Dust grain processing in Keplerian Discs Around Post-AGB Binaries
Mark Wyatt - Debris Disk Dynamical Theory
Torsten Löhne - How Extrasolar Planetesimals Show Up in Spitzer Data
Kate Su - Diversity of Debris Disk Structures - Combining Resolved Imaging and Spectral Energy Distribution Models
Karl Stapelfeldt - "Spatially Resolved Debris Disk Studies - Present and Future"
Holly Maness - Exploring Planetary Debris Disks at Millimeter Wavelengths: First Detection & Mapping with CARMA
Rachel Akeson - Hot Dust in Debris Disks
Steve Strom - Studies of Star Formation and Circumstellar Disks with the Spitzer Warm Mission
Ewine van Dishoeck - Future prospects: Future Science Directions in the Study of Circumstellar Disks