IPAC ISO Visitor Packet - Software Tools

The following list of software is available to ISO observers for use during their visit to IPAC. The ISO Interactive Analysis (IA) packages, ISAP, and the IPAC tools will be most relevant for your ISO work, but the rest are also made available "as is" (i.e. with no support) for your convenience. It is expected that if visitors plan to use the generic software, they already know how to use it.

ISO Data Reduction Software
CIA - CAM Interactive Analysis package
ISAP - ISO Spectral Analysis Package
PIA - PHT Interactive Analysis package
SIA - SWS Interactive Analysis package (also known as IA3)

First Look Tools
flcam - CAM First Look
flpht - PHT First Look
flslws - LWS/SWS First Look

ISO Time Estimators: camte, lws-te, phtaot, sote


Compilers: cc, f77, gcc

Editors: edt, emacs, vi, xedit
Network Utilities: ftp, Mail, telent, Netscape
Plotting Packages: mongo
Image Display/Processing Utilities: idl, iraf, saoimage, skyview, xv (xview)

convert - an X-window coordinate calculator
TeX/LaTeX/dvips - typesetting programs
xcalc - X-window numeric calculator
xclipboard - a place to tack up cut-out text
xwd - dump X-window on screen to file

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