Far-Infrared Astronomy from Space:
A Community Workshop about the Future

24 Apr 2009
Far-IR Astronomy from Space and the Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Process
17 Dec 2008
The 2008 Community Plan for Far Infrared/Submillimeter Space Astronomy posted
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Far-IR Astronomy from Space and the Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Process

The 2008 Community Plan for Far Infrared/Submillimeter Space Astronomy (v1, 12 Dec. 2008)

A draft of our white paper is now available. This will be distributed and discussed at the Jan 2009 AAS in Long Beach, CA, during the special session "The Far-Infrared/Submillimeter Universe in High Definition" on Tuesday, Jan 6th at 2pm.

Talks & Posters Now Available:

We will be posting pdf versions of the contributed talks and posters on this web site over the next few months as they become available. Please go to the Schedule page, and follow the links under each presenters name to find the pdf version of his/her talk/poster.


In preparation for the Decadal Survey, and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of IRAS, we invite the community to a workshop to discuss strategies and plans for the future of far-infrared space astronomy. The goal of the workshop will be to define key science and technologies for the next generation of space-based far-infrared missions, based upon recent discoveries and the expected return of upcoming facilities, such as WISE, Herschel, SOFIA, JWST, ALMA, etc.


The meeting will take place from Wed-Fri., the 28-30th of May 2008, at the Hilton Hotel in Pasadena, CA. A banquet will be held on Thursday evening (29 May 2008) at the Athenaeum on the Caltech campus.

The IRAS 25th anniversary dinner will be held at Dabney Gardens on the Caltech campus on Wednesday evening 28 May 2008.

On Saturday, the 31st of May, the SOFIA project will be leading a tour of the Dryden Airborne Operations Facility in Palmdale, CA., for all interested meeting participants. Once the meeting registration closes, we will contact all registrants by email with instructions about how to sign up for the tour. The tour should take about 4 hours in total, including travel time from Pasadena to Palmdale and back. Although the exact time of departure has not been set, we expect to leave in the morning, and return to Pasadena in the early afternoon on the 31st. Buses will be provided for the trip.

For more information on the venue and transportation please see Venue and Transportation.

Useful Links:

  • The 2002 Community Plan for Far Infrared/Submillimeter Space Astronomy

  • Confirmed Invited Speakers:
  • C. Beichman
  • T. Bergin
  • J. Bock
  • M. Brown
  • A. Burrows
  • D. Calzetti
  • C. Chen
  • M. Dickinson
  • C. Elachi
  • T. Heckman
  • M. Hauser
  • T. Hyde
  • P. Lawson
  • D. Leisawitz
  • D. Lester
  • M. Meixner
  • T. Nakagawa
  • G. Rieke
  • E. Smith
  • M. Shull
  • T. Soifer
  • P. Stahl
  • M. Ward
  • J. Zmuidzinas

  • Scientific Organizing Committee: Local Organizing Comittee:
  • G. Helou (IPAC)
  • L. Armus (SSC)
  • M. Harwit (Cornell)
  • T. Bergin (Michigan)
  • M. Bradford (JPL)
  • D. Calzetti (UMASS)
  • T. Heckman (JHU)
  • E. Herbst (OSU)
  • R. Ivison (Edinburgh)
  • D. Leisawitz (GSFC)
  • D. Lester (Texas)
  • C. McKee (Berkeley)
  • M. Meixner (STScI)
  • R. Mushotzky (GSFC)
  • T. Onaka (Tokyo)
  • G. Rieke (Arizona)
  • A. Roberge (GSFC)
  • T. Roellig (NASA Ames)
  • S. Seager (MIT)
  • M. Shull (Colorado)
  • L. Armus (SSC)
  • P. Patterson (IPAC)
  • H. Teplitz (SSC)
  • S. Carey (SSC)
  • H. Mycroft (IPAC)
  • E. Scire (SSC)
  • A. Petric (SSC)