GRITS: Greater IPAC Technology Symposium

Greater IPAC Technology Symposium

GRITS, the Greater IPAC Technology Symposium, is a compliment to IPAC's Greater IPAC Science Symposium (GISS). This one-day Technology Symposium will be a chance for IPACers to share information about what we are currently using to support our missions. What makes it possible to do the processing and analysis of the data we generate or collect? Even more important, what do we see as being required to meet IPAC's future needs? If you are a user, a developer, a technologist -- an IPACer -- this symposium is for you.

Presentations can be about any topic, so long as it is related to astronomy, or space, or technology, or a wonderful Southern food that is tasty and nutritious. But they can never be about the fight club. Because the first rule of the fight club is to never talk about the fight club.


This is a year round effort, so when you think of something (we can always use more topics and speakers) send it so it will not be forgotten.

Also, since this is the 'Greater IPAC Technology Symposium', if you know people on campus or on Lab who should present a topic, we'd be happy to have them.


If you'd like to help organize the symposium, we can always use volunteers to help put the symposium together.


Contact for more information about presenting or volunteering

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