IRSKY v2.6

An Observation Planning Tool for the Infrared Sky

The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) continues to support IRSKY as a software tool for viewing the infrared sky. IRSKY is available for use on IPAC computers from any host on the INTERNET equipped with X/Windows. IRSKY offers convenient and efficient access to the major released science products from the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) mission. It is designed as an environment for astronomers to plan observations in the context of the known infrared sky, with special emphasis on observations using Spitzer.

IRSKY users can use the NED (NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database) to enter the position of the object of interest, by entering a Target Name and searching for the named object.

IRSKY users need only specify a position on the sky, and the interface will display:

IRSKY provides a graphic representation of the Spitzer focal plane.

IRSKY can be accessed from any computer that is an INTERNET host, and that runs X/Windows including Motif, Sun OpenWindows, DEC Windows, or other X11-compatible window system, but not SunView.

There is also an electronic mail interface to IRSKY that provides access to the background estimators and catalog search functions. Information on how to use the IRSKY Batch Inquiry System (IBIS) is available here.

Access Instructions (Changed)

An SSH connection is established with the command:

  • ssh
  • Login name is irskyssh (on Solaris, the command is ssh -X -l irskyssh
    Password is ssh!irsky.

    From this point on, the interface is self-documenting, especially through the HELP options.

    Comments and problem reports should be made to the IRSKY team at

    Last Update: Tue Aug 11, 2009: telnet login deleted due to firewall tightening