Lin Yan

Title: Associate Scientist

Room Number: 139

Office Address: 139 Morrisroe Astroscience Lab (IPAC)

Office Phone: 626-395-8099

Mail Code: MC 100-22

Email (@ipac.caltech.edu): lyan

Research Interests: My long term science interests include evolution of galaxies and supermassive blackholes at high redshifts. In the past, I worked on Spitzer mission and have led several large Spitzer mid-infrared spectroscopic research programs, which characterized the observational properties of IR luminous galaxies at z ~ 0.3 - 2.0. I was also the archive scientist for WISE and NEOWISE mission. I led several statistical studies of heavily obscured AGNs, including their spatial clustering properties, using large samples selected using WISE colors. Currently, I am involved with two major projects --- Zwicky Transient Factory and WFIRST. In the past a few years, I got interested in the mystery of superluminous supernova. These rare but extremely energetic stellar explosions can not be explained by traditional models. What power the observed luminous optical/UV emission is not yet known. It is expected that these luminous transients can be detected out to redshifts of 7 - 10 by the infrared surveys such as WFIRST. They would hold clues to massive, low metal abundance stars (Pop III ) in the early Universe.

Activities: COSMOSNEOWISESpitzerWFIRST Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)