Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Characterization of Planets and their Environments

Overview: UV-SCOPE is a proposed UV spectroscopic mission to characterize exoplanet atmospheres and their environments. UV-SCOPE is led by PI Evgenya Shkolnik (ASU) in partnership with NASA-JPL, Ball Aerospace, LASP, and IPAC. The mission would observe approximately 200 young and old exoplanet-hosting systems in the far and near-UV (0.12-0.40 um) spectroscopically to determine the cause of atmospheric loss in exoplanets, the composition of the exoplanet atmospheres, and to measure the time-variability of the stellar UV flux that affects the exoplanets that orbit the stars.

IPAC would provide the pipeline environment and mission data archive for the mission. If selected, UV-SCOPE is expected to launch 2028-2029.