KOA NIRSPEC Data Release

The Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) has released browse-quality spectra extracted with a new, automated pipeline from 1,821 nights of NIRSPEC high-dispersion data. The data products include flux and noise spectra and spatial profiles for each order and wavelength calibration line identification tables in ASCII and FITS formats, a total of over 4,400,000 files altogether; see the sample products below. The pipeline is written in Python, is freely available at and documented at  A quick-look reduction mode is available to observers at the telescope.

KOA NIRSPEC Data Reduction Pipeline

Rectified image, spatial profile and flux spectrum of the asteroid 511 Davida, extracted with the KOA NIRSPEC Data Reduction Pipeline from observations acquired on April 29, 2010 (H. Roe, PI).

KOA has released version 2 of the Moving Object Search Service, which supports input of orbital elements of new asteroids and comets without a NAIF ID or IAU designation.