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Publications - Articles that have appeared in the journals
Last updated: 31 January 2002
Below is a list of articles based on ISO observations that have appeared in the major astronomical journals. We provide links to the NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS) for the full text of the articles and we provide links to the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) for those papers that contain extragalactic targets.
Check out the VILSPA ISO Science Page for more ISO publications.

Helpful Hints: You can use the browser search tool (alt-f) to search for a specific author or specific object that appears in the title of a paper. We have also begun to use keywords to identify papers that deal with stars, interstellar medium, solar system objects, etc. The browser search tool can then be used to find all papers within a broad category. All keywords are in lowercase.

Current keywords are: abundances, brown dwarfs, calibration, cosmology, galaxies, grbs (gamma ray bursts), instrument, ism, solar system, stars.

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2002 ISO Publications

Elbaz, D., Flores, H., Chanial, P., Mirabel, I.F., Sanders, D., Duc, P.-A., Cesarsky, C.J., Aussel, H., 2002, A&A, 381, L1-L4, ISOCAM mid-infrared detection of HR 10: A distant clone of Arp 220 at z=1.44, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Kemper, F., Jager, C., Waters, L.B.F.M., Henning, Th., Molster, F.J., Barlow, M.J., Lim, T., de Koter, A., 2002, Nature, 295-297, Detection of carbonates in dust shells around evolved stars ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Miville-Deschenes, M.-A., Boulanger, F., Joncas, G., Falgarone, E., 2002, A&A, 381, 209-218, ISOCAM observations of the Ursa Major cirrus:, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Price, S.D., Sloan, G.C., Kraemer, K.E., 2002, ApJ, L55-L58, Artifacts at 4.5 and 8.0 Microns in Short-Wavelength Spectra from the Infrared Space Observatory, ADS Paper, keyword: calibration

Ward-Thompson, D., Andre, P., Kirk, J.M., 2002, MNRAS, 329, 257-276, The initial conditions of isolated star formation - V. ISOPHOT imaging and the temperature and energy balance of pre-stellar cores, ADS Paper, keyword: stars