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Publications - Articles that have appeared in the journals
Last updated: 31 January 2002
Below is a list of articles based on ISO observations that have appeared in the major astronomical journals. We provide links to the NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS) for the full text of the articles and we provide links to the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) for those papers that contain extragalactic targets.
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Helpful Hints: You can use the browser search tool (alt-f) to search for a specific author or specific object that appears in the title of a paper. We have also begun to use keywords to identify papers that deal with stars, interstellar medium, solar system objects, etc. The browser search tool can then be used to find all papers within a broad category. All keywords are in lowercase.

Current keywords are: abundances, brown dwarfs, calibration, cosmology, galaxies, grbs (gamma ray bursts), instrument, ism, solar system, stars.

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2001 ISO Publications

Aannestad, P.A., Emery, R.J., 2001, A&A, 376, 1040-1053, Modeling far-infrared emission from the HII region S125, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Afonso, J., Mobasher, B., Chan, B., Cram, L., 2001, ApJ, 559, L101-L104, Discovery of an Extremely Red Galaxy At x=0.65 with Dusty Star Formation and Nuclear Activity, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Alard, C., Blommaert, J.A.D.L., Cesarsky, C., Epchtein, N., Felli, M., Fouque, P., Ganesh, S., Genzel, R., Gilmore, G., Glass, I.S., Habing, H., Omont, A., Perault, M., Price, S., Robin, A., Schultheis, M., Simon, G., van Loon, J. Th., Alcock, C., Allsman, R.A., Alves, D.R., Axelrod, T.S., Becker, A.C., Bennett, D.P., Cook, K.H., Drake, A.J., Freeman, K.C., Geha, M., Griest, K., Lehner, M.J., Marshall, S.L., Minniti, D., Nelson, C., Peterson, B.A., Popowski, P., Pratt, M.R., Quinn, P.J., Sutherland, W., Tomaney, A.B., Vandehei, T., Welch, D.L., 2001, ApJ, 552, 289-308, Mass-losing Semiregular Variable Stars in Baade's Windows, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Alexander, D.M., La Franca, F., Fiore, F., Barcons, X., Ciliegi, P., Danese, L., Della Ceca, R., Franceschini, A., Gruppioni, C., Matt, G., Matute, I., Oliver, S., Pompilio, F., Wolter, A., Efstathiou, A., Heraudeau, P., Perola, G.C., Perri, M., Rigopoulou, D., Rowan-Robinson, M., Serjeant, S., 2001, ApJ, 554, 18-26, The European Large-Area Infrared Space Observatory Survey V: A BeppoSAX Hard X-Ray Survey of the S1 Region, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Alonso-Herrero, A., Quillen, A.C., Simpson, C., Efstathiou, A., Ward, M.J., 2001, AJ, 121, 1369-1384, The Nonstellar Infrared Continuum of Seyfert Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Alton, P.B., Lequeux, J. Bianchi, S., Churches, D., Davies, J., Combes, F., 2001, A&A, 366, 451-465, Deep submillimeter images of NGC 7331; dust at the periphery of spiral disks ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Bakes, E.L.O., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Bauschlicher, Jr., C.W., Hudgins, D.M., Allamandola, L.J., 2001, ApJ, 560, 261-271, Theoretical Modeling of Infrared Emission From Neutral and Charged Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. II., ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Benedettini, M., Pezzuto, S., Giannini, T., Lorenzetti, D., Nisini, B., 2001, A&A, 379, 557-563, An ISO investigation of the MWC 297 circumstellar region, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bernard Salas, J., Pottasch, S.R., Beintema, D.A., Wesselius, P.R., 2001, A&A, 367, 949-958, The ISO-SWS spectrum of planetary nebula NGC 7027, ADS Paper, keyword: abundances

Bogdanov, M.B., Taranova, O.G., 2001, Astronomy Reports, 45, 44-50, The Dust Envelope of the Symbiotic Nova HM Sge ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bogdanov, M.B., Taranova, O.G., 2001, Astronomy Reports, 45, 461-466, The Dust Envelope of the Symbiotic Nova V1016 Cyg, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bogdanov, M.B., Taranova, O.G., 2001, Astronomy Reports, 45, 797-803, Parameters of the Dust Envelope of the Symbiotic Star CH Cygni, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Boissel, P., Joblin, C., Pernot, P., 2001, A&A, 373, L5-L8, Singular value decomposition: A tool to separate elementary contributions in ISOCAM spectral maps, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Bontemps, S., Andre, P., Kaas, A.A., Nordh, L., Olofsson, G., Huldtgren, M., Abergel, A., Blommaert, J., Boulanger, F., Burgdorf, M., Cesarsky, C.J., Cesarsky, D., Copet, E., Davies, J., Falgarone, E., Lagache, G., Montmerle, T., Perault, M., Persi, P., Prusti, T., Puget, J.L., Sibille, F., 2001, A&A, 372, 173-194, ISOCAM observations of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud: Luminosity and mass functions of the pre-main sequence embedded cluster, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bourke, T.L., 2001, ApJ, 554, L91-L94, IRAS 11590-6452 in BHR 71: A Binary Protostellar System?, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ISM

Bouwman, J., Meeus, G., de Koter, A., Hony, S., Dominik, C., Waters, L.B.F.M., 2001, A&A, 375, 950-962, Processing of silicate dust grains in Herbig Ae/Be systems, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bregman, J.D., Temi, P., 2001, ApJ, 554, 126-132, Gas-Phase Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Absorption toward Protostellar Sources?, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Cami, J., Yamamura, I., 2001, A&A, 367, L1-L4, Discovery of anomalous oxygen isotopic ratios in HR 4049 ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Castets, A., Ceccarelli, C., Loinard, L., Caux, E., Lefloch, B., 2001, A&A, 375, 40-53, Multiple shocks around the low-luminosity protostar IRAS 16293-2422, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Castro-Carrizo, A., Bujarrabal, V., Fong, D., Meixner, M., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Latter, W.B., Barlow, M.J., 2001, A&A, 367, 674-693, Low-excitation atomic gas around evolved stars. II. ISO observations of O-rich nebulae, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Chan, K.-W., Roellig, T.L., Onaka, T., Mizutani, M., Okumura, K., Yamamura, I., Tanabe, T., Shibai, H., Nakagawa, T., Okuda, H., 2001, ApJ, 546, 273-278, Unidentified Infrared Emission Bands in the Diffuse Insterstellar Medium, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Charnley, S.B., Rodgers, S.D., Ehrenfreund, P., 2001, A&A, 378, 1024-1036, Gas-grain chemical models of star-forming molecular clouds as constrained by ISO and SWAS observations, ADS Paper, keyword: abundances

Chary, R., Elbaz, D., 2001, ApJ, 556, 562-581, Interpreting the Cosmic Infrared Background: Constraints on the Evolution of the Dust-enshrouded Star Formation Rate, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Chaty, S., Rodriguez, L.F., Mirabel, I.F., Geballe, T.R., Fuchs, Y., Claret, A., Cesarsky, C.J., Cesarsky, D., 2001, A&A, 366, 1035-1046, A search for possible interactions between ejections from GRS 1915+105 and the surrounding interstellar medium, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Chiang, E.I., Joung, M.K., Creech-Eakman, M.J., Qt, C., Kessler, J.E., Blake, G.A., Van Dishoeck, E.F., 2001, ApJ, 547, 1077-1089, Spectral Energy Distributions of Passive T Tauri and Herbig Ae Disks: Grain Mineralogy, Parameter Dependences, and Comparison with Infared Space Observatory LWS Observations, ADS Paper, keyword: Stars, ISM

Chiar, J.E., Tielens, A.G.G.M., 2001, ApJ, 550, L207-L211, Circumstellar Carbonaceous Material Associated with Late-Type Dusty WC Wolf-Rayet Stars, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Clements, D.L., Desert, F.-X., Franceschini, A., 2001, MNRAS, 325, 665-675, Q11The milliJansky 12mu population: first follow-up, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Contursi, A., Boselli, A., Gavazzi, G., Bertagna, E., Tuffs, R., Lequeux, J., 2001, A&A, 365, 11-27, Mid and Far IR properties of late-type galaxies in the Coma and A1367 clusters: ISOCAM and ISOPHOT observations, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Dale, D.A., Helou, G., Contursi, A., Silbermann, N.A., Kolhatkar, S., 2001, ApJ, 549, 215-227, The Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Normal Star-Forming Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Dale, D., Helou, G., Neugebauer, G., Soifer, B.T., Frayer, D.T., Condon, J.J., 2001, AJ, 122, 1736-1746, Multiwavelength Observations of the Low-Metallicity Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxy SBS 0335-052, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Dartois, E., d'Hendecourt, L., 2001, A&A, 365, 144-156, Search for NH3 ice in cold dust envelopes around YSOs, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Dole, H., Gispert, R., Lagache, G., Puget, J.-L., Bouchet, F.R., Cesarsky, C., Ciliegi, P., Clements, D.L., Dennefeld, M., Desert, F.-X., Elbaz, D., Franceschini, A., Guiderdoni, B., Harwit, M., Lemke, D., Moorwood, A.F.M., Oliver, S., Reach, W.T., Rowan-Robinson, M., Stickel, M., 2001, A&A, 372, 364-376, FIRBACK: III. Catalog, source counts, and cosmological implications of the 170um ISO deep survey, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Douvion, T., Lagage, P.O., Pantin, E., 2001, A&A, 369, 589, Cassiopeia A dust composition and heating, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Douvion, T., Lagage, P.O., Cesarsky, C.J., Dwek, E., 2001, A&A, 373, 281-291, Dust in the Tycho, Kepler and Crab supernova remanants, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Epifani, E., Colangeli, L., Fulle, M., Brucato, J.R., Bussoletti, E., De Sanctis, M.C., Mennella, V., Palomba, E., Palumbo, P., Rotundi, A., 2001, Icarus, 149, 339-350, ISOCAM Imaging of Comets 103P/Hartley 2 and 2P/Encke ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Fabian, D., Posch, Th., Mutschke, H., Kerschbaum, F., Dorschner, J., 2001, A&A, 373, 1125-1138, Infrared optical properties of spinels. A study of the carrier of the 13, 17 and 32um emission features observed in ISO-SWS spectra of oxygen-rich AGB stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Feuchtgruber, H., Lutz, D., Beintema, D.A., 2001, ApJS, 136, 221-224 New Rest Wavelength Determinations for Seven Mid-Infrared Fine-Structure Lines by ISO-SWS, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Fong, D., Meixner, M., Castro-Carrizo, A., Bujarrabel, V., Latter, W.B., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Kelly, D.M., Sutton, E.C., 2001, A&A, 367, 652-673, Low-excitation atomic gas around evolved stars. I. ISO observations of C-rich nebulae, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Forster Schreiber, N.M., Genzel, R., Lutz, D., Kunze, D., Sternberg, A., 2001, ApJ, 552, 544-571, Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectroscopy and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Starburst Galaxy M82, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Franceschini, A., Aussel, H., Cesarsky, C., Elbaz, D., Fadda, D., 2001, A&A, 378, 1-29, A long-wavelength view on galaxy evolution from deep surveys by the Infrared Space Observatory, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, cosmology

Giannini, T., Nisini, B., Lorenzetti, D., 2001, ApJ, 555, 40-57, Far-Infrared Investigation of Class 0 Sources: Line Cooling, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, stars

Gibb, E.L., Whittet, D.C.B., Chiar, J.E., 2001, ApJ, 558, 702-716, Searching for Ammonia in Grain Mantles toward Massive Young Stellar Objects , ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Goicoechea, J.R., Cernicharo, J., 2001, ApJ, 554, L213-L216, Far-Infrared Detection of H3O+ in Sagittarius B2, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Grosso, N., Alves, J., Neuhauser, R., Montmerle, T., 2001, A&A, 380, L1-L4, Discovery of new embedded Herbig-Haro objects in the rho Ophiuchi dark cloud, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, stars

Grun, E., Hanner, M.S., Peschke, S.B., Muller, T., Boehnhardt, H., Brooke, T.Y., Campins, H., Crovisier, J., Delahodde, C., Heinrichsen, I., Keller, H.U., Knacke, R.F., Kruger, H., Lamy, P., Leinert, Ch., Lemke, D., Lisse, C.M., Muller, M., Osip, D.J., Sole, M., Stickel, M., Sykes, M., Vanysek, V., Zarnecki, J., 2001, A&A, 377, 1098-1118, Broadband infrared photometry of comet Hale-Bopp with ISOPHOT, ADP Paper, keyword: solar system

Haas, M., Klaas, U., Muller, S.A.H., Chini, R., Coulson, I., 2001, A&A, 367, L9-L13, The PAH 7.7um/850um ratio as new diagnostics for high extinction in ULIRGs--increasing evidence for a hidden quasar in Arp 220, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, galaxies

Habart, E., Verstraete, L., Boulanger, F., Pineau des Forets, G., Le Peintre, F., Bernard, J.P., 2001, 373, 702-713, Photoelectric effect on dust grains across the L1721 cloud in the rho Ophiuchi molecular complex, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Habing, H.J., Dominik, C., Jourdain de Muizon, M., Laureijs, R.J., Kessler, M. F., Leech, K., Metcalfe, L, Salama, A., Siebenmorgen, R., Trams, N., Bouchet, P., 2001, A&A, 365, 545-561, Incidence and survival of remnant disks around main-sequence stars ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Harwit, M., Malfait, K., Decin, L., Waelkens, C., Feuchtgruber, H., Melnick, G., 2001, ApJ, 557, 844-853, The Infrared Continuum Spectrum of VY Canis Majoris, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Helou, G., Malhotra, S., Hollenbach, D.J., Dale, D.A., Contursi, A., 2001, ApJ, 548, L73-L76, Evidence for the Heating of Atomic Interstellar Gas by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Hennebelle, P., Perault, M., Teyssier, D., Ganesh, S., 2001, A&A, 365, 598-611, Infrared dark clouds from the ISOGAL survey, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Hony, S., van Kerckhoven, C., Peeters, E., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Hudgins, D.M., Allamandola, L.J., 2001, A&A, 370, 1030, The CH out-of-plane bending modes of PAH molecules in astrophysical environments, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ISM

Hony, S., Waters, L.B.F.M., Tielens, A.G.G.M., 2001, A&A, 378, L41-L44, The discovery of the "21" um and "30" um emission features in Planetary Nebulae with Wolf-Rayet central stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Hotzel, S., Harju, J., Lemke, D., Mattila, K., Walmsley, C.M., 2001, A&A, 372, 302-316, Dense gas and cold dust in the dark core B217, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Hunter, D.A., Kaufman, M., Hollenbach, D.J., Rubin, R.H., Malhotra, S., Dale, D.A., Brauher, J.R., Silbermann, N.A., Helou, G., Contursi, A., Lord, S.D., 2001, ApJ, 553, 121-145, The Interstellar Medium of Star-forming Irregular Galaxies: The View with ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Ignace, R., Cassinelli, J.P., Quigley, M., Babler, B., 2001, ApJ, 558, 771-779, Terminal Speeds and Ion Fractions from [CaIV] 3.207um in Three Single WN Stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Jorgensen, U.G., Jensen, P., Sorensen, G.O., Aringer, B., 2001, A&A, 372, 249-259, H2O in stellar atmospheres, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Keane, J.V., Boogert, A.C.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Ehrenfreund, P., Schutte, W.A. 2001, A&A, 375, L43-L46, Bands of solid CO2 in the 2-3um spectrum of S 140:IRS1, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, stars

Keane, J.V., Boonman, A.M.S., Tielens, A.G.G.M., van Dishoeck, E.F., 2001, A&A, 376, L5-L8, Gas-phase SO2 in absorption towards massive protostars, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Keane, J.V., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Boogert, A.C.A., Schutte, W.A., Whittet, D.C. B., 2001, A&A, 376, 254-270, Ice absorption features in the 5-8um region towards embedded protostars, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Kemper, F., Waters, L.B.F.M., de Koter, A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., 2001, A&A, 369, 132, Crystallinity versus mass-loss rate in asymptotic giant branch stars ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kerschbaum, F., Lebzelter, T., Lazaro, C., 2001, A&A, 375, 527-538, Multi-colour light variation of AGB stars observed with ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kim, S.S., Zuckerman, B., Silverstone, M., 2001, ApJ, 550, 1000-1006, Extent of Excess Far-Infrared Emission around Luminosity Class III Stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kiss, Cs., Abraham, P., Klaas, U., Juvela, M., Lemke, D., 2001, A&A, 379, 1161-1169, Sky confusion noise in the far-infrared: Cirrus, galaxies and the cosmic far-infrared background, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Klaas, U., Haas, M., Muller, S.A.H., Chini, R., Schulz, B., Coulson, I., Hippelein, H., Wilke, K., Albrecht, M., Lemke, D., 2001, A&A, 379, 823-844, Infrared to millimetre photometry of ultra-luminous IR galaxies: New evidence favouring a 3-stage dust model, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Koller, J., Kimeswenger, S., 2001, ApJ, 559, 419-423, The Anomalous Infrared Emission of Abell 58, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kwok, S., Volk, K., 2001, ApJ, 554, L87-L90, On the Origin of Infrared Plateau Features in Proto-Planetary Nebulae, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ISM

Lagache, G., Dole, H., 2001, A&A, 372, 702-709, FIRBACK. II. Data reduction and calibration of the 170um ISO deep cosmological survey, ADS Paper, keyword: instrument, cosmology

Lambert, D.L., Kameswara Rao, N., Pandey, G., Ivans, I.I., 2001, ApJ, 555, 925-931, Infrared Space Observatory Spectra of R Coronae Borealis Stars. I. Emission Features in the Interval 3-25 Microns, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Langer, W.D., Willacy, K., 2001, ApJ, 557, 714-726, Preprotostellar Core Properties from Far-Infrared Observations, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Lari, C., Pozzi, F., Gruppioni, C., Aussel, H., Ciliegi, P., Danese, L., Franceschini, A., Oliver, S., Rowan-Robinson, M., Serjeant, S., 2001, MNRAS, 325, 1173-1189, A new method for ISOCAM data reduction - I. Application to the European Large Area ISO Survey Southern Field: method and results, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, cosmology

Leech, K.J., Metcalfe, L., Altieri, B., 2001, MNRAS, 328, 1125-1128, ISO observations of the dusty quasar BR 1202-0725, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Lefloch, B., Cernicharo, J., Cesarsky, D., Demyk, K., Miville-Deschenes, M.A., Rodriguez, L.F., 2001, A&A, 368, L13-L16, Disks around hot stars in the Trifid nebula, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Le Floc'h, E., Mirabel, I.F., Laurent, O., Charmandaris, V., Gallais, P., Sauvage, M., Vigroux, L., Cesarsky, C., 2001, A&A, 367, 487-497, Mid-infrared observations of NGC 1068 with the Infrared Space Observatory ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Lehtinen, K., Haikala, L.K., Mattila, K., Lemke, D., 2001, A&A, 367, 311-320, A far infrared view of low mass star formation in the Cederblad 110 nebula of Chamaeleon I, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ISM

Lellouch, E., Bezard, B., Fouchet, T., Feuchtgruber, H., Encrenaz, T., de Graauw, T., 2001, A&A, 370, 610-622, The deuterium abundance in Jupiter and Saturn from ISO-SWS observations, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Lis, D.C., Serabyn, E., Zyika, R., Li, Y., 2001, ApJ, 550, 761-777, Quiescent Giant Molecular Cloud Cores in the Galactic Center, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Lis, D.C., Keene, J., Phillips, T.G., Schilke, P., Werner, M.W., Zmuidzinas, J., 2001, ApJ, 561, 823-829, Atomic Oxygen Abundance in Molecular Clouds: Absorption toward Sagittarius B2, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, abundances

Liu, X.-W., Barlow, M.J., Cohen, M., Danziger, I.J., Luo, S.-G., Baluteau, J.P., Cox, P., Emery, R.J., Lim, T., Pequignot, D., 2001, MNRAS, 323, 343-361 ISO LWS observations of planetary nebula fine-structue lines ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Lundqvist, P., Kozma, C., Sollerman, J., Fransson, C., 2001, A&A, 374, 629-637, ISO/SWS observations of SN 1987A II. A refined upper limit on the mass of 44Ti in the ejecta of SN 1987A, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Luo, S.-G., Liu, X.-W., Barlow, M.J., 2001, MNRAS, 326, 1049-1056, Chemical abundances of planetary nebulae from optical recombination lines - II. The neon abundance of NGC 7009, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, abundances

Lyke, J.E., Gehrz, R.D., Woodward, C.E., Barlow, M.J., Pequignot, D., Salama, A., Schwarz, G.J., Shore, S.N., Starrfield, S., Evans, A., Gonzales-Riestra, R., Greenhouse, M.A., Hjellming, R.M., Humphreys, R.M., Jones, T.J., Krautter, J., Morisset, C., Ogelman, H.B., Orio, M., Wagner, R.M., Walton, N.A., Williams, R.E., 2001, AJ, 122, 3305-3312, Infrared Space Observatory Short Wavelength Spectrometer Observations of V1425 Aquilae (Nova Aquila 1995), ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Malhotra, S., Kaufman, M.J., Hollenbach, D., Helou, G., Rubin, R.H., Brauher, J., Dale, D., Lu, N.Y., Lord, S., Stacey, G., Contursi, A., Hunter, D.A., Dinerstein, H., 2001, ApJ, 561, 766-786, Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Normal Galaxies: Physical Conditions in the Interstellar Medium, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Manning, C., Spinrad, H., 2001, AJ, 122, 113-120, The Dust Temperature of the "Dusty" Radio Galaxy MG 1019+0535: Evidence for an Outflow, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology, ISM

Mazzei, P., Aussel, H., Xu, C., Salvo, M., De Zotti, G., Franceschini, A., 2001, New Astronomy, 6, 265-276, ISOCAM observations of the deep IRAS 60 micron sample in the NEP region II. Comparison of ISO and IRAS galaxy counts, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Meeus, G., Waters, L.B.F.M., Bouwman, J., van den Ancker, M.E., Waelkens, C., Malfait, K., 2001, A&A, 365, 476-490, ISO spectroscopy of circumstellar dust in 14 Herbig Ae/Be systems: Towards an understanding of dust processing, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ISM

Meisenheimer, K., Haas, M., Muller, S.A.H., Chini, R., Klaas, U., Lemke, D., 2001, A&A, 372, 719-729, Dust emission from 3C radio galaxies and quasars: New ISO observations favour the unified scheme, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Mochizuki, K., Onaka, T., 2001, A&A, 370, 868-874, Search for the [CII] 158 micron emission toward the blue compact dwarf galaxy I Zw 36, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Molinari, S., Noriega-Cresp, A., Spinoglio, L., 2001, ApJ, 547, 292-301, A Shock-induced Photodissociation Region in the HH 80/81 Flow: Far-Infrared Spectroscopy, ADS Paper, keyword: Stars, ISM

Molster, F.J., Yamamura, I., Waters, L.B.F.M., Nyman, L.-A., Kaufl, H.-U., de Jong, T., Loup, C., 2001, A&A, 366, 923-929, IRAS 09425-6040: A carbon star surrounded by highly crystalline silicate dust, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Molster, F.J., Lim, T.L., Sylvester, R.J., Waters, L.B.F.M., Barlow, M.J., Beintema, D.A., Cohen, M., Cox, P., Schmitt, B., 2001, A&A, 372, 165-172, The complete ISO spectrum of NGC 6302, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Moneti, A., Stolovy, S., Blommaert, J.A.D.L., Figer, D.F., Najarro, F., 2001, A&A, 366, 106-120, Mid-infrared imaging and spectroscopy of the enigmatic cocoon stars in the Quintuplet Cluster, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Moneti, A., Cernicharo, J., Ramon Pardo, J., 2001, ApJ, 549, L203-L208, Cold H2O and CO Ice and Gas toward the Galactic Center, ADS Paper, keyword: abundances, stars

Morel, T., Efstathiou, A., Serjeant, S., Marquez, I., Masegosa, J., Heraudeau, P., Surace, C., Verma, A., Oliver, S., Rowan-Robinson, M., Georgantopoulos, I., Farrah, D., Alexander, D.M., Perez-Fournon, I., Willott, C.J., Cabrera-Guerra, F., Gonzalez-Solares, E.A., 2001, MNRAS, 327, 1187-1192, The European Large Area ISO Survey - VI. Discovery of a new hyperluminous infrared galaxy, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Moro-Martin, A., Noriega-Crespo, A., Molinari, S., Testi, L., Cernicharo, J., Sargent, A., 2001, ApJ, 555, 146-159, Infrared and Millimetric Study of the Young Outflow Cepheus E, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, stars

Motte, F., Andre, P., Ward-Thompson, D., Bontemps, S., 2001, A&A, 372, L41-L44, A SCUBA survey of the NGC 2068/2071 protoclusters, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

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