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Publications - Articles that have appeared in the journals
Last updated: 13 February 2001
Below is a list of articles based on ISO observations that have appeared in the major astronomical journals. We provide links to the NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS) for the full text of the articles and we provide links to the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) for those papers that contain extragalactic targets.
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Helpful Hints: You can use the browser search tool (alt-f) to search for a specific author or specific object that appears in the title of a paper. We have also begun to use keywords to identify papers that deal with stars, interstellar medium, solar system objects, etc. The browser search tool can then be used to find all papers within a broad category. All keywords are in lowercase.

Current keywords are: abundances, brown dwarfs, calibration, cosmology, galaxies, grbs (gamma ray bursts), instrument, ism, solar system, stars.

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2000 ISO Publications

Ábrahám, P., Leinert, Ch., Burkert, A., Henning, Th., Lemke, D., 2000, A&A, 354, 965-982, Far-infrared photometry and mapping of Herbig Ae/Be stars with ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Adelberger, K.L, Steidel, C.C., 2000, ApJ, 544, 218-241, Multiwavelength Observations of Dusty Star Formation at Low and High Redshift ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, dust

Alexander, T., Lutz, D., Sturm, E., Genzel, R., Sternberg, A., Netzer, H., 2000, ApJ, 536, 710-717, Infrared Spectroscopy of NGC 1068: Probing the Obscured Ionizing AGN Continuum ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Agol, E., Jones, B., Blaes, O., Keck Mid-Infrared Imaging of QSO 2237+0305 ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Aussel, H., Coia, D., Mazzei, P., De Zotti, G., Franceschini, A., 2000, A&AS, 141, 257-283, ISOCAM observations of the very deep IRAS 60 micron sample in the NEP region. I. The data, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Bacmann, A., Andre, P., Puget, J.-L., Abergel, A., Bontemps, S., Ward-Thompson, D., 2000, A&A, 361, 555-580, An ISOCAM absorption survey of the structure of pre-stellar cloud cores, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Benedettini, M., Giannini, T., Nisini, B., Tommasi, E., Lorenzetti, D., Di Giorgio, A.M., Saraceno, P., Smith, H.A., White, G.J., 2000, A&A, 359, 148-158, The ISO Spectroscopic View of the HH 24-26 Region ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Bergvall, N., Masegosa, J., Ostlin, G., Cernicharo, J., 2000, A&A, 359, 41-50, LWS Spectroscopy of the Luminous Blue Compact Galaxy Haro 11 ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Bertone, E., Tagliaferri, G., Ghisellini, G., Treves, A., Barr, P., Celotti, A., Chiaberge, M., Maraschi, L., 2000, A&A, 356, 1-10, ISO observations of the BL Lacertae object PKS 2155-304 ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Bianchi, S., Davies, J.I., Alton, P.B., 2000, A&A, 359, 65-81, Monte Carlo predictions of far-infrared emission from spiral galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Block, D.L., Sauvage, M., 2000, A&A, 353, 72-76, A unified image of dust grains for the warped spiral galaxy in the merger Centaurus A, ADS paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Bolatto, A.D., Jackson, J.M., Kraemer, K.E., Zhang, X., 2000, ApJ, 541, L17-L20, First Detection of Submillimeter [CI] Emission in the Small Magellanic Cloud, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Boogert, A.C.A., Ehrengreund, P., Gerakines, P.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Whittet, D.C.B., Schutte, W.A., van Dishoeck, E.F., de Graauw, Th., Decin, L., Prusti, T., 2000, A&A, 353, 349-362, ISO-SWS observations in interstellar solid 13CO_2: heated ice and the Galactic 12C/13C abundance ratio, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, abundances

Boogert, A.C.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Ceccarelli, C., Boonman, A.M.S., van Dishoeck, E.F., Keane, J.V., Whittet, D.C.B., de Graauw, Th., 2000, A&A, 360, 683-698, Infrared observations of hot gas and cold ice toward the low mass protostar Elias 29, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bouwman, J., de Koter, A., van den Ancker, M.E., Waters, L.B.F.M., 2000, A&A, 360, 213-226, The composition of the circumstellar dust around the Herbig Ae stars AB Aur and HD 163296, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bower, G.A., Green, R.F., Quillen, A.C., Danks, A., Gull, T., Hutchings, J., Joseph, C., Kaiser, M.E., Weistrop, D., Woodgate, B., Malumuth, E.M., Nelson, C., 2000, ApJ, 534, 189-200, The Ionization Source in the Nucleus of M84, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Brandner, W., Zinnecker, H., Alcala, J.M., Allard, F., Covino, E., Frink, S., Kohler, R., Kunkel, M., Moneti, A., Schweitzer, A., 2000, AJ, 120, 950-962, Timescales of Disk Evolution and Planet Formation: HST, Adaptive Optics, and ISO Observations of Weak-line and Post-T Tauri Stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bregman, J.D., Temi, P., Rank, D., 2000, A&A, 355, 525-531, Direct Measurement of the Supernova Rate in Starburst Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Burgdorf, M.J., Encrenaz, Th., Lellouch, E., Feuchtgruber, H. Davis, G.R., Swinyard, B.M., de Graauw, Th., Morris, P.W., Sidher, S.D., Griffin, M.J., Forget, F., Lim, T.L., 2000, Icarus, 145, 79-90, ISO Observations of Mars: An Estimate of the Water Vapor Vertical Distribution and the Surface Emissivity, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Burgdorf, M.J., Cohen, M., Price, S.D., Ott, S., Egan, M.P., de Graauw, T., Shipman, R.F., Ganesh, S., Alard, C., Schuller, F., 2000, A&A, 360, 111-119, A survey of selected areas in the galactic plane with ISOCAM, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Calzetti, D., Armus, L., Bohlin, R.C., Kinney, A.L., Koornneef, J., Storchi-Bergmann, T., 2000, ApJ, 533, 682-695, The Dust Content and Opacity of Actively Star-forming Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, galaxies

Cami, J., Yamamura, I., de Jong, T., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Justtanont, K., Waters, L.B.F.M., 2000, A&A, 360, 562-574, CO_2 emission in EP Aqr: Probing the extended atmosphere, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Ceccarelli, C., Castets, A., Caux, E., Hollenback, D., Loinard, L., Molinari, S., Tielens, A.G.G.M., 2000, A&A, 355, 1129-1137, The structure of the collapsing envelope around the low-mass protostar IRAS 16293-2422, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ism

Cernicharo, J, Goicoechea, J.R., Caux, E., 2000, ApJ, 534, L199-L202, Far-infrared Detection of C_3 in Sagittarius B2 and IRC +10216, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Cesarsky, D., Lequeux, J., Ryter, C., Gérin, M., 2000, A&A, 354, L87-L91, ISO observations of the reflecation nebula Ced 201: evolution of carbonaceous dust, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Cesarsky, D., Jones, A.P., Lequeux, J., Verstraete, L., 2000, A&A, 358, 708-716, Silicate emission in Orion, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Chan, K.-W., Onaka, T., 2000, ApJ, 533, L33-L36, A Broad 22 Micron Emission Feature in the Carina Nebula H II Region, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Chiar, J.E., Tielens, A.G.G., Whittet, D.C.B., Schutte, W.A., Boogert,A.C.A., Lutz, D., van Dishoeck, E.F., Bernstein, M.P., 2000, ApJ, 537, 749-762, The Composition and Distribution of Dust along the Line of Sight toward the Galactic Center, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Clavel, J., Schulz, B., Altieri, B., Barr, P., Claes, P., Heras, A., Leech, K., Metcalfe, L., Salama, A., 2000, A&A, 357, 839-849, 2.5-11 Micron Spectroscopy and Imaging of AGNs--Implications for Unification Schemes, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Cohen, M., Hammersley, P.L., Egan, M.P., 2000, AJ, 120: 3362-3370, Radiometric Validation of the Miscourse Space Experiment's (MSX) Point Source Catalogs and the MSX Properties of Normal Stars, ADS Paper, keyword: calibration

Comeron, F., Neuhauser, R., Kaas, A.A., 2000, A&A, 359, 269-288, Probing the brown dwarf population of the Chamaeleon I star forming region, ADS Paper, keyword: brown dwarfs, stars

Contursi, A., Lequeux, J., Cesarsky, Boulanger, F., Rubio, M., Hanus, M., Sauvage, M., Tran, D., Bosma, A., Madden, S., Vigroux, L., 2000, A&A, 362, 310-324, Mid-Infrared Imaging and Spectrophotometry of N 66 in the SMC with ISOCAM, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Coulais, A., Abergel, A., 2000, A&AS, 141, 533-544, Transient correction of the LW-ISOCAM data for low contrasted illumination, ADS Paper, keyword: instrument

Dale, D., Silbermann, N.A., Helou, G., Valjavec, E., Malhotra, S., Beichman, C.A., Brauher, J., Contursi, A., Dinerstein, H.L., Hollenbach, D.J., Hunter, D.A., Kolhatkar, S., Lo, K.Y., Lord, S.D., Lu, N.Y., Rubin, R.H., Stacey, G.J., Thronson, H.A., Werner, M.W., Corwin, H.G., 2000, AJ, 120, 583-603, ISO Mid-Infrared Observations of Normal Star-Forming Galaxies: The Key Project Sample, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Darbon, S., Zavagno, A., Perrin, J.-M., Savine, C., Ducci, V., Sivan, J.-P., 2000, A&A, 364, 723-731, Extended red emission and unidentified infrared bands in the galactic compact HII region Sh 152, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Decin, G., Dominik, C., Malfait, K., Mayor, M., Waelkens, C., 2000, A&A, 357, 533-542, The Vega Phenomenon around G Dwarfs, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Decin, L., Waelkens, C., Eriksson, K., Gustafsson, B., Piez, B., Sauval, A.J., Van Assche, W., Vandenbussche, B., 2000, 364, 137-156, ISO-SWS calibration and the accurate modelling of cool-star atmospheres ADS Paper, keyword: stars

De Marco, O., Schmutz, W., Crowther, P.A. Hillier, D.J., Dessart, L., de Koter, A., Schweickhardt, J., 2000, A&A, 358, 187-200, The Gamma-Velorum binary system II. WR stellar parameters and the photon loss mechanism, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Demyk, K., Dartois, E., Wiesemeyer, H., Jones, A.P., d'Hendecourt, L, 2000, A&A, 364, 170-178, Structure and chemical composition of the silicate dust around OH/IR stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Dessart, L., Crowther, P.A., Hillier, D.J., Willis, A.J., Morris, P.W., van der Hucht, K.A., 2000, MNRAS, 315, 407-422, Quantitative analysis of WC stars: constraints on neon abundances from ISO-SWS spectroscopy, ADS Paper, keyword: abundances, stars

Dotto, E., Muller, T.G., Barucci, M.A., Encrenaz, Th., Knacke, R.F., Lellouch, E., Doressoundiram, A., Crovisier, J., Brucato, J.R., Colangeli, L., Mennella, V., 2000, A&A, 358, 1133-1141, ISO Results on Bright Main Belt Asteroids: PHT-S Observations, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Efstathiou, A., Oliver, S., Rowan-Robinson, M., Surace, C., Sumner, T., Heraudeau, P., Linden-Vornle, M.J.D., Rigopoulou, D., Serjeant, S., Mann, R.G., Cesarsky, C.J., Danese, L., Franceschini, A., Genzel, R., Lawrence, A., Lemke, D., McM, R.G., 2000, MNRAS, 319, 1169-1177, The European Large Area ISO Survey - III. 90um extragalactic source counts, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Encrenaz, Th., Schulz, B., Drossart, P., Lellouch, E., Feuchtgruber, H., Atreya, S.K., 2000, A&A, 362, 1174-1180, The ISO Spectra of Uranus and Neptune between 2.5 and 4.2um: Constrainst on Albedos and H_3+, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Fadda, D., Elbaz, D., Duc, P.-A., Flores, H., Franceschini, A., Cesarsky, C.J., Moorwood, A.F.M., 2000, A&A, 361, 827-840, An Excess of Mid-IR Luminous Galaxies in Abell 1689, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Fanti, C., Pozzi, F., Fanti, R., Baum, S.A., O'Dea, C.P., Bremer, M., Dallacasa, D., Falcke, H., de Graauw, T., Marecki, A., Miley, G., Rottgering, H., Schilizzi, R.T., Snellen, I., Spencer, R.E., Stanghellini, C., 2000, A&A, 358, 499-513, ISO Observations of a Sample of Compact Steep Spectrum and GHz Peaked Spectrum Radio Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Felli, M., Comoretto, G., Testi, L., Omont, A., Schuller, F., 2000, A&A, 362, 199-214, The Search for YSOs from ISOGAL data: Application to the l=+45 field, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Fernandez, Yanga, Lisse, C.M., Kaufi, H.U., Peschke, S.B., Weaver, H.A., A'Hearn, M.F., Lamy, P.P., Livengood, T.A., Kostiuk, T., 2000, Icarus, 147, 145-160, Physical properties of the nucleus of Comet 2P/Encke, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Fouchet, T., Lellouch, E., Bézard, B., Encrenaz, T., Drossart, P., Feuchtgruber, H., de Graauw, Th., 2000, Icarus, 143, 223-243, ISO-SWS observations of Jupiter: Measurement of the ammonia tropospheric profile and of the 15N/14N isotropic ratio, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Fouchet, T., Lellouch, E., Bézard, B., Feuchtgruber, H., Drossart, P., Encrenaz, T., 2000, A&A, 355, L13-L17, Jupiter's hydrocarbons observed with ISO-SWS: vertical profiles of C2H6 and C2H2, detection of CH3C2H, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Fuente, A., Martín-Pintado, J., Rodríguez-Fernández, N.J., Cernicharo, J., Gerin, M., 2000, A&A, 354, 1053-1061, ISO SWS-LWS observations of the prototypical reflection nebula NGC 7023, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Ghosh, S.K., Mookerjea, B., Rengarajan, T.N., Tandon, S.N., Verma, R.P., 2000, A&A, 363, 744-754, Far infrared observations of the southern Galactic star forming complex around IRAS 09002-4732, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Giannini, T., Nisini, B., Lorenzetti, D., Di Giorgio, A.M., Spinoglio, L., Benedettini, M., Saraceno, P., Smith, H.A., White, G.J., 2000, A&A, 358, 310-320, Looking at the Photon-Dominated Region in NGC 2024 through FIR Line Emission, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Gibb, E.L., Whittet, D.C.B., Schutte, W.A., Boogert, A.C.A., Chiar, J.E., Ehrenfreund, P., Gerakines, P.A., Keane, J.V., Tielens, A.G.G.M., van Dishoeck, E.F., Kerkhof, O., 2000,ApJ, 536, 347-356, An Inventory of Interstellar Ices toward the Embedded Protostar W33A, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Gispert, R., Lagache, G., Puget, J-L., 2000, A&A, 360, 1-9, Implications of the cosmic infrared background for light production and the star formation history in the Universe, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Grosso, N., Montmerle, T., Bontemps, S., Andre, P., Feigelson, E.D., 2000, A&A, 359, 113-130, X-rays and regions of star formation: a combined ROSAT-HRI/near-to-mid IR study of the rho Oph dark cloud, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Haas, M., Klaas, U., Coulson, I., Thommes, E., Xu, C., 2000, A&A, 356, L83-L87, The cold dust concentrations in the colliding galaxies NGC 4038/39 ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Haas, M., Müller, S.A.H., Chini, R., Meisenheimer, K., Klaas, U., Lemke, D., Kreysa, E., Camenzind, M., 2000, A&A, 354, 453-466, Dust in PG quasars as seen by ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Hanlon, L., Laureijs, R.J., Metcalfe, L., McBreen, B., Altieri, B., Castro-Tirado, A., Claret, A., Costa, E., Delaney, M., Feroci, M., Frontera, F., Galama, T., Gorosabel, J., Groot, P. Heise, J., Kessler, M., Kouveliotou, C., Palazzi, E., van Paradijs, J., Piro, L., Smith, N., 2000, A&A, 359, 941-947, ISO detection of a 60 micron source near GRB 970508, ADS Paper, keyword: grbs

Hansen, L., Jorgensen, H.E., Norgaard-Nielsen, H.U., Pedersen, K., Goudfrooij, P., Linden-Vornle, M.J.D., 2000, A&A, 356, 83-88, ISO far-infrared observations of rich galaxy clusters. II Sérsic 159-03, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Hansen, L, Jorgensen, H.E., Norgaard-Nielsen, H.U., Pedersen, K., Goudfrooij, P., Linden-Vornle, M.J.D., 2000, A&A, 362, 133-137, ISO Far-Infrared Observations of Rich Galaxy Clusters. III. Abell 2029, Abell 2052, Abell 2142, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Hasegawa, T., Volk, K., Kwok, S., 2000, ApJ, 532, 994-1005, A Chemical Model of the Neutral Envelope of the Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Helou, G., Lu, N.Y., Werner, M.W., Malhotra, S., Silbermann, N.A., 2000, ApJ, 532, L21, The Mid-Infrared Spectra of Normal Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Herpin, F., Cernicharo, J., 2000, ApJ, 530, L129-L132, O-bearing Molecules in Carbon-rich Proto-Planetary Objects, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Hony, S., Waters, L.B.F.M., Zaal, P.A., de Koter, A., Marlborough, J.M., Millar, C.E., Trams, N.R., Morris, P.W., de Graauw, Th., 2000, A&A, 355, 187-193, The infraed spectrum of the Be star gamma Cassiopeiae, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Hrivnak, B.J., Volk, K., Kwok, S., 2000, ApJ, 535, 275-292, 2-45 Micron Infrared Spectroscopy of Carbon-rich Proto-Planetary Nebulae, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Hudson, R.L., Moore, M.H., 2000, Icarus, 145, 661-663, IR Spectra of Irradiated Cometary Ice Analogues Containing Methanol: A New Assignment, a Reassignment, and a Nonassignment, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Jiang, B.W., Szczerba, R., Deguchi, S., 2000, A&A, 362, 273-280, IRAS 03201+5459: a C-rich AGB star with silicate absorption, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Jorgensen, U.G., Hron, J., Loidl, R., 2000, A&A, 356, 253-266, ISO-SWS spectra of the carbon stars TX Psc, V460 Cyg, and TT Cyg, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Justtanont, K., Barlow, M.J., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Hollenbach, D., Latter, W.B., Liu, X.-W., Sylvester, R.J., Cox, P., Rieu, N.-Q., Skinner, C.J., 2000, A&A, 360, 1117-1125, ISO-LWS observations of rotational CO lines from C-rich objects: AFGL 2688, AFGL 618, and NGC 7027, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Juvela, M., Mattila, K., Lemke, D., 2000, A&A, 360, 813-832, Far infrared extragalactic background radiation I. Source counts with ISOPHOT, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Koike, C., Tsuchiyama, A., Shibai, H., Suto, H., Tanabe, T., Chihara, H., Sogawa, H., Mouri, H., Okada, K., 2000, A&A, 363, 1115-1123, Absorption spectra of Mg-rich Mg-Fe and Ca pyroxenes in the mid- and far- infrared regions, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Kucinskas, A., Vansevicius, V., Sauvage, M., Tanabé, T., 2000, A&A, 353, L21-L24, New infrared object in the field of the SMC cluster NGC 330, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kucinskas, A., Vansevicius, V., Sauvage, M., Tanabé, T., 2000, PASJ, 52, 619-622, ISO Observations of the Planetary Nebula Lindsay 305 in the Small Magellanic Cloud, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Lagache, G., Puget, J.L., 2000, A&A, 355, 17-22, Detection of the extra-Galactic background fluctuations at 170µm, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Lahuis, F., van Dishoeck, E.F., 2000, A&A, 355, 699-712, ISO-SWS spectroscopy of gas-phase C_2H_2 and HCN toward massive young stellar objects, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, stars

Larsson, B., Liseau, R., Men'shchikov, A.B., Olofsson, G., Caux, E., Ceccarelli, C., Lorenzetti, D., Molinari, S., Nisini, B., Nordh, L, Saraceno, P., Sibille, F., Spinoglio, L., White, G.J., 2000, A&A, 363, 253-268, The ISO-LWS map of the Serpens cloud core I. The SEDs of the IR/SMM sources, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM, stars

Laureijs, R.J., Watson, D., Metcalfe, L., McBreen, B., O'Halloran, B., Clavel, J., Leech, K., Gallais, P., Barr, P., Delaney, M., Hanlon, L., Quilligan, F., 2000, A&A, 359, 900-906, ISO observations of a sample of 60um peaker galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Laurent, O., Mirabel, I.F., Charmandaris, V., Gallais, P., Madden, S.C., Sauvage, M., Vigroux, L., Cesarsky, C., 2000, A&A, 359, 887-899, Mid-infrared diagnostics to distinguish AGNs from starbursts, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Lefloch, B., Cernicharo, J., 2000, ApJ, 545: 340-352, Pre-Orion Cores in the Trifid Nebula, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

Lellouch, E., Laureijs, R., Schmitt, B., Quirico, E., de Bergh, C, Crovisier, J., Coustenis, A., 2000, Icarus, 147, 220-250, Pluto's non-isothermal surface, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Linden-Vornle, M.J.D., Norgaard-Nielsen, H.U., Jorgensen, H.E., Hansen, L., Haas, M., Klaas, U., Abraham, P., Lemke, D., Lundgaard Rasmussen, I., Schnopper, H.W., 2000, A&A, 359, 51-64, Deep Far Infrared ISOPHOT Survey in "Selected Area 57" I. Observations and Source Counts, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Liu, X.-W., Storey, P.J., Barlow, M.J., Danziger, I.J., Cohen, M., Bryce, M., 2000, MNRAS, 312, 585-628, NGC 6153: a super-metal-rich planetary nebula?, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Lorenzetti, D., Giannini, T., Nisini, B., Benedettini, M., Creech-Eakman, M., Blake, G.A., van Dishoeck, E.F., Cohen, M., Liseau, R., Molinari, S., Pezzuto, S., Saraceno, P., Smith, H.A., Spinoglio, L., White, G.J., 2000, A&A, 357, 1035-1044, Far infrared Spectroscopy of FU Ori Objects--ISO-LWS Observations, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Lutz, D., Sturm, E., Genzel, R., Moorwod, A.F.M., Alexander, T., Netzer, H., Sternberg, A., 2000, ApJ, 536, 697-709, ISO-SWS Spectroscopy of NGC 1068, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Lutz, D., Genzel, R., Sturm, E., Tacconi, L., Wieprecht, E., Alexander, T., Netzer, H., Sternberg, A., Moorwood, A.F.M., Fosbury, R.A.E., Fricke, K., Wagner, S.J., Quirrenbach, A., Awaki, H., Lo, K.Y., 2000, ApJ, 520, 733-737, A Search for Broad Infrared Recombination Lines in NGC 1068, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Malhotra, S., Hollenbach, D., Helou, G., Silbermann, N., Valjavec, E., Rubin, R.H., Dale, D., Hunter, D., Lu, N., Lord, S., Dinerstain, H., Thronson, H., 2000, ApJ, 543, 634-643, Probing the Interstellar Medium in Early-Type Galaxies with Infrared Space Observatory Observations, ADS Paper, keyword, galaxies, ism

Markwick, A.J., Millar, T.J., 2000, A&A, 359, 1162-1168, ISO-SWS Observations of CO_2 and H_2O in R Cassiopeiae, ADS Paper, keyword: abundances, stars

Matsuhara, H., Kawara, K., Sato, Y., Taniguchi, Y., Okuda, H., Matsumoto, T., Sofue, Y., Wakamatsu, K., Cowie, L.L., Joseph, R.D., Sanders, D.B., 2000, A&A, 361, 407-414, ISO deep far-infrared survey in the "Lockman Hole" II. Power Spectrum analysis: evidence of a strong evolution in number counts, ADS Paper, keyword: cosmology

Miville-Deschenes, M.-A., Boulanger, F., Abergel, A., Bernard, J.-P., 2000, A&AS, 146, 519-530, Optimizing ISOCAM data processing using spatial redundancy, ADS Paper, keyword: instrument, calibration

Mochizuki, K., 2000, A&A, 363, 1123-1133, Far-infrared [CII]/continuum ratio toward the central kiloparsecs of M31 ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ISM

Molinari, S., Noriega-Crespo, A., Ceccarelli, C., Nisini, B., Giannini, T., Lorenzetti, D., Caux, E., Liseau, R., Saraceno, P., White, G.J., 2000, ApJ, 538, 698-709, Infrared Space Observatory Spectroscopy of HH 7-11 Flow and Its Redshifted Counterpart, ADS Paper, keyword: ISM

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