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Publications - Articles that have appeared in the journals
Last updated: 12 May 2000
Below is a list of articles based on ISO observations that have appeared in the major astronomical journals. We provide links to the NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS) for the full text of the articles and we provide links to the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) for those papers that contain extragalactic targets.
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Helpful Hints: You can use the browser search tool (alt-f) to search for a specific author or specific object that appears in the title of a paper. We have also begun to use keywords to identify papers that deal with stars, interstellar medium, solar system objects, etc. The browser search tool can then be used to find all papers within a broad catagory. All keywords are in lowercase.

Current keywords are: abundances, brown dwarfs, calibration, cmb, galaxies, grbs (gamma ray bursts), instrument, ism, solar system, stars.

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1999 ISO Publications

Alexander, T., Sturm, E., Lutz, D., Sternberg, A., Netzer, H., Genzel, R., 1999, ApJ, 512, 204-223, Infrared Spectroscopy of NGC 4151: Probing the Obscured Ionizing Active Galactic Nucleus Continuum, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Alexander, D.M., Efstathiou, A., Hough, J.H., Aitken, D.K., Lutz, D., Roche, P.F., Sturm, E., 1999, MNRAS, 310, 78-86, Observations and a model for the infrared continuum of Centaurus A, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Altieri, B., Metcalfe, L., Kneib, J.P., McBreen, B., Aussel, H., Biviano, A., Delaney, M., Elbaz, D., Leech, K., Lémonon, L., Okumura, K., Pelló, R., Schulz, B., 1999, A&A, 343, L65-L69, An ultra-deep ISOCAM observation through a cluster-lens, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

André, P., Motte, F., Bacmann, A., 1999, ApJ, 513, L57-L60, Discovery of an Extremely Young Accreting Protostar in Taurus, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Aoki, W., Tsuji, T., Ohnake, K., 1999, A&A, 350, 945-954, Infrared spectra of carbon stars observed by the ISO SWS bands at 14 µm. II. HCN and C_2H_2, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Appleton, P.N., Charmandaris, V., Horellou, C., Mirabel, I.F., Ghigo, F., Higdon, J.L., Lord, S., 1999, ApJ, 527, 143-153, Plasma and Warm Dust in the Collisional Ring Galaxy VII Zw 466 from VLA and ISO Observations, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Arendt, R.G., Dwek, E., Moseley, S.H., 1999, ApJ, 521, 234-245, Newly Synthesized Elements and Pristine Dust in the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ism

Aussel, H., Cesarsky, C.J., Elbaz, D., Starck, J.L., 1999, A&A, 342, 313-336, ISOCAM observations of the Hubble Deep Field reduced with the PRETI method, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Barvainis, R., Antonucci, Helou, G., 1999, AJ, 118, 645-653, ISOCAM 15 Micron Search for Distant Infrared Galaxies Lensed by Clusters, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Beichman, C., Helou, G., Van Buren, D., Ganga, K., Desert, F.X., 1999, ApJ, 523, 559-565, An Infrared Space Observatory Upper Limit to the Low-Mass Star Halo in the Edge-on Galaxy NGC 4565, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Beintema, D.A., Pottasch, S.R., 1999, A&A, 347, 942-948, The ISO spectrum of the planetary nebula NGC 6302. I. Observations, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, abundances

Bernard, J.P., Abergel, A., Ristorcelli, I., Pajot, F., Torre, J.P., Boulanger, F., Giard, M., Lagache, G., Serra, G., Lamarre, J.M., Puget, J.L., Lepeintre, F., Cambresy, L., 1999, A&A, 347, 640-649, PRONAOS observations of MCLD 123.5 + 24.9 cold dust in the Polaris cirrus cloud, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Bertoldi, F., Timmermann, R., Rosenthal, D., Drapatz, S., Wright, C.M., 1999, A&A, 346, 267-277, Detection of HD in the Orion molecular outflow, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Bézard, B., Romani, P.N., Feuchtgruber, H., Encrenaz, T., 1999, ApJ, 515, 868-872, Detection of the Methyl Radical on Neptune, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Braine, J., Hughes, D.H., 1999, A&A, 344, 779-786, The 10GHz-10THz spectrum of a normal spiral galaxy, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Carilli, C.L., Kurk, J.D., van der Werf, P.P., Perley, R.A., Miley, G.K., 1999, AJ, 118, 2581-2591, High-Resolution Millimeter and Infrared Observations of the Hot Spots of Cygnus A, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Caux, E., Ceccarelli, C., Castets, A., Vastel, C., Liseau, R., Molinari, S., Nisini, B., Saraceno, P., White, G.J., 1999, A&A, 347, L1-L4, Large atomic oxygen abundance towards the molecular cloud L1689N, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Ceccarelli, C., Caux, E., Loinard, L., Castets, A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Molinari, S., Liseau, R., Saraceno, P., Smith, H., White, G., 1999, A&A, 342, L21-L24, Water line emission in low-mass protostars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Cernicharo, J., Yamamura, I., González-Alfonso, E., de Jong, T., Heras, A., Escribano, R., Ortigoso, J., 1999, ApJ, 526, L41-L44, The ISO/SWS Spectrum of IRC +10216: The Vibrational Bands of C_2H_2 and HCN, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Cesarsky, D., Cox, P., Pineau Des Forêts, G., Van Dishoeck, E.F., Boulanger, F., Wright, C.,M., 1999, A&A, 348, 945-949, ISOCAM spectro-imaging of the H_2 rotational lines in the supernova remnant IC 443, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Charmandaris, V., Laurent, O., Mirabel, I.F., Gallais, P., Sauvage, M., Vigroux, L., Cesarsky, C., Appleton, P.N., 1999, A&A, 341, 69-73, Dust in the wheel: The Cartwheel galaxy in the Mid-IR, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: ism

Ciligi, P., McMahon, R.G., Miley, G., Gruppioni, C., Rowan-Robinson, M., Cesarsky, C., Danese, L., Franceschini, A., Genzel, R., Lawrence, A., Lemke, D., Oliver, S., Puget, J.-L., Rocca-Volmerange, B., 1999, MNRAS, 302, 222-244, A deep VLA survey at 20 cm of the ISO Elias survey regions, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Clements, D.L., Desert, F.-X., Francheschini, A., Reach, W.T., Baker, A.C., Davies, J.K., Cesarsky, C., 1999, A&A, 346, 383-391, A deep 12 micron survey with ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, stars

Cohen, M., Barlow, M.J., Sylvester, R.J., Liu, X.-W., Cox, P., Lim, T., Schmitt, B., Speck, A.K., 1999, ApJL, 513, L135-L138, Water Ice, Silicate, and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission Features in the Infrared Space Observatory Spectrum of the Carbon-rich Planetary Nebula CPD -56d8032, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Cohen, M., Walker, R.G., Carter, B., Hammersley, P., Kidger, M., Noguchi, K., 1999, AJ, 117, 1864-1889, Spectral Irradiance Calibration in the Infrared. X. A Self-Consistent Radiometric All-Sky Network of Absolutely Calibrated Stellar Spectra, ADS Paper, keyword: calibration

Colangeli, L., Epifani, E., Brucato, J.R., Bussoletti, E., De Sanctis, C., Fulle, M., Mennella, V., Palomba, E., Palumbo, P., Rotundi, A., 1999, A&A, 343, L87-L90, Infrared spectral observations of comet 103P/Hartley 2 by ISOPHOT, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Colbert, J.W., Malkan, M.A., Clegg, P.E., Cox, P., Fischer, J., Lord, S.D., Luhman, M., Satyapal, S., Smith, H.A., Spinoglio, L., Stacey, G., Unger, S.L., 1999, ApJ, 511, 721-729, ISO LWS Spectroscopy of M82: A Unified Evolutionary Model, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Cox, D.P., Shelton, R.L., Maciejewski, W., Smith, R.K., Plewa, T., Pawl, A., Ró&zring;yczka, M., 1999, ApJ, 524, 179-191, Modeling W44 as a Supernova Remnant in a Density Gradient with a Partially Formed Dense Shell and Thermal Conduction in the Hot Interior. I. The Analytical Model, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Crété, E., Giard, M., Joblin, C., Vauglin, I., Léger, A., Rouan, D., 1999, A&A, 352, 277-286, Grain populations in the M 17 south-west star forming complex, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Crowther, P.A., Beck, S.C., Willis, A.J., Conti, P.S., Morris, P.W., Sutherland, R.S., 1999, MNRAS, 304, 654-668, Properties of hot stars in the Wolf-Rayet galaxy NGC 5253 from ISO-SWS spectroscopy, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, stars

Dale, D.A., Helou, G., Silbermann, N.A., Contursi, A., Malhotra, S., Rubin, R., 1999, AJ, 118, 2055-2064, Toward an Understanding of the Mid-Infrared Surface Brightness of Normal Galaxies, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Dartois, E., Demyk, K., d'Hendecourt, L., Ehrenfreund, P., 1999, A&A, 351, 1066-1074, Carbon dioxide-methanol intermolecular complexes in interstellar grain mantles, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, abundances

Davies, J.I., Alton, P., Trewhella, M., Evans, R., Bianchi, S., 1999, MNRAS, 304, 495-500, 200µm ISO observations for NGC 6946: evidence for an extended distribution of cold dust, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Demyk, K., Jones, A.P., Dartois, E., Cox, P., d'Hendecourt, L., 1999, A&A, 349, 267-275, The chemical composition of the silicate dust around RAFGL7009S and IRAS 19110+1045, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, abundances

Désert, F.-X., Puget, J.-L., Clements, D.L., Pérault, M., Abergel, A., Bernard, J.-P., Cesarsky, C.J., 1999, A&A, 342, 363-377, A classical approach to faint extragalactic source extraction from ISOCAM deep surveys. Application to the Hubble Deep Field, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Domingue, D.L., Keel, W.C., Ryder, S.D., White, R.E., 1999, AJ, 118, 1542-1550, Dust in Spiral Galaxies: Comparing Emission and Absorption to Constrain Small-Scale and Very Cold Structures, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Douvion, T., Lagage, P.O., Cesarsky, C.J., 1999, A&A, 352, L111-L115, Element mixing in the Cassiopeia A supernova, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Ehrenfreund, P., Kerkhof, O., Schutte, W.A., Boogert, A.C.A., Gerakines, P.A., Dartois, E., d'Hendecourt, L., Tielens, A.G.G.M., van Dishoeck, E.F., Whittet, D.C.B., 1999, A&A, 350, 240-253, Laboratory studies of thermally processed H_2O-CH_3OH-CO_2 ice mixtures and their astrophysical implications, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, abundances

Elbaz, D., Cesarsky, C.J., Fadda, D., Aussel, H., Désert, F.X., Franceschini, A., Flores, H., Harwit, M., Puget, J.L., Starck, J.L., Clements, D.L., Danese, L., Koo, D.C., Mandolesi, R., 1999, A&A, 351, L37-L40, Source counts from the 15 µm ISOCAM Deep Surveys, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Fajardo-Acosta, S.B., Stencel, R.E., Backman, D.E., Thakur, N., 1999, ApJ, 520, 215-222 Infrared Space Observatory Photometric Search of Main-Sequence Stars for Vega-Type Systems, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Feuchtgruber, H., Lellouch, E., Bézard, B., Encrenaz, Th., de Graauw, Th., Davis, G.R., 1999, A&A, 341, L17-L21, Detection of HD in the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune: a new determination of the D/H ratio, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Flores, H., Hammer, F., Thuan, T.X., Césarsky, C., Desert, F.X., Omont, A., Lilly, S.J., Eales, S., Crampton, D., Le Fèvre, O., 1999, ApJ, 517, 148-167, 15 Micron Infrared Space Observatory Observations fo the 1415+52 Canada-France Redshift Survey Field: The Cosmic Star Formation Rate as Derived from Deep Ultraviolet, Optical, Mid-Infrared, and Radio Photometry, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Flores, H., Hammer, F., Désert, F.X., Césarsky, C., Thuan, T., Crampton, D., Eales, S., Le Févre, O., Lilly, S.J, Omont, A., Elbaz, D., 1999, A&A, 343, 389-398, Deep Galaxy survey at 6.75µm with the ISO satellite, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Flower, D.R., Pineau des Florêts, G., 1999, MNRAS, 308, 271-280, H_2 emission from shocks in molecular outflows: the significance of departures from a stationary state, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, stars

Fuchs, Y., Mirabel, F., Chaty, S., Claret, A., Cesarsky, C.J., Cesarsky, D.A., 1999, A&A, 350, 891-899, ISO observations of the environment of the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1806-20, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Fuente, A., Martín-Pintado, J., Rodríguez-Fernández, N.J., Rodríguez-Franco, De Vicente, P., Kunze, D., 1999, ApJ, 518, L45-L48, Infrared Space Observatory Observations Toward the Reflections Nebula NGC 7023: A Nonequilibrium Ortho-to-Para-H2 Ratio, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, abundances

García-Lario, P., Manchado, A., Ulla, A., Manteiga, M., 1999, ApJ, 513, 941-946, Infrared Space Observatory Observations of IRAS 16594-4656: A New Proto-Planetary Nebula with a Strong 21 Micron Dust Feature ADS Paper keyword: stars

Gerakines, P.A., Whittet, D.C.B., Ehrenfreund, P., Boogert, A.C.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Schutte, W.A., Chiar, J.E., van Dishoeck, E.F., Prusti, T., Helmich, F.P., de Graauw, Th., 1999, ApJ, 522, 357-377, Observations of Solid Carbon Dioxide in Molecular Clouds with the Infrared Space Observatory, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Giannini, T., Lorenzetti, D., Tommasi, E., Nisini, B., Benedettini, M., Pezzuto, S., Strafella, F., Barlow, M., Clegg, P.E., Cohen, M., di Giorgio, A.M., Liseau, R., Molinari, S., Palla, F., Saraceno, P., Smith, H.A., Spinoglio, L., White, G.J., 1999, A&A, 346, 617-625, ISO-LWS observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars. II. Molecular lines, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ism

Glass, I.S., Ganesh, S., Alard, C., Blommaert, J.A.D.,L., Gilmore, G., Lloyd Evans, T., Omont, A., Schultheis, M., Simon, G., 1999, MNRAS, 308, 127-139, ISOGAL survey of Baade's Windows in the mid-infrared, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Gray, M.D., Yates, J.A., 1999, MNRAS, 310, 1153-1157, An ISO survey of possible water and hydroxyl IRASER transitions towards the star-forming regions W49, W3(OH) and Sgr B2M, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Gruppioni, C., Ciliegi, P., Rowan-Robinson, M., Cram, L., Hopkins, A., Cesarsky, C., Danese, L., Franceschini, A., Genzel, R., Lawrence, A., Lemke, D., McMahon, R.G., Miley, G., Oliver, S., Puget, J.-L., Rocca-Volmerange, B., 1999, MNRAS, 305, 297-308, A 1.4-GHz survey of the sourthern European Large-Area ISO Survey region, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Gry, C., Pineau Des Forêts, G., Walmsley, C.M., 1999, A&A, 348, 227-232, Atomic silicon towards the Orion-KL nebula, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, abundances

Gürtler, J., Schreyer, K., Henning, Th., Lemke, D., Pfau, W., 1999, A&A, 346, 205-210, Infrared spectra of young stars in Chamaeleon, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Habing, H.J., Dominik, C., Jourdain de Muizon, M., Kessler, M.F., Laureijs, R.J., Leech, K., Metcalfe, L., Salama, A., Siebenmorgen, R., Trams, N., 1999, Nature, 401, 456-458, Disappearance of stellar debris disks around main-sequence stars after 400 million years, No ADS paper available.

Hanlon, L., Metcalfe, L., Delaney, M., Laureijs, R., Mcbreen, B., Smith, N., Altieri, B., Castro-Tirado, A., Costa, E., Feroci, M., Frontera, F., Galama, T., Gorosabel, J., Groot, P., Heise, J., Kouveliotou, C., Palazzi, E., van Paradijs, J., Piro, L., Kessler, M., 1999, A&AS, 138, 459-460 Observations of GRBs with the Infrared Space Observatory, ADS Paper, keyword: grbs

Hansen, L., Jørgensen, H.E., Nørgaard-Nielsen, H.U., Pedersen, K., Goudfrooij, P., Linden-Vørnle, M.J.D., 1999, A&A, 349, 406-410, ISO far-infrared observation of rich galaxy clusters. I. Abell 2670, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Heinrichsen, I., Walker, H.J, Klaas, U., Sylvester, R.J., Lemke, D., 1999, MNRAS, 304, 589-594, An infrared image of the dust disk around Beta Pic, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Hopwood, M.E.L., Eyres, S.P.S., Evans, A., Penny, A., Odenkirchen, M., 1999, A&A, 350, 49-55, ISO observations of globular clusters, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, stars

Hwang, C.-Y., Lo, K.Y., Gao, Y., Gruendl, R.A., Lu, N.Y., 1999, ApJ, 511, L17-L20, Mid-Infrared Images of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in a Merging Sequence, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Jarrett, T.H., Helou, G., Van Buren, D., Valjavec, E., Condon, J.J., 1999, AJ, 118, 2132-2147, A Near- and Mid-Infrared Study of the Interacting Galaxy Pair UGC 12914/12915: Taffy, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Jiang, B.W., Szczerba, R., Deguchi, S., 1999, A&A, 344, 918-922, IRAS 03313+6058: and AGB star with 30micron emission, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Jourdain de Muizon, M., Laureijs, R.J., Dominik, C., Habing, H.J., Metcalfe, L.,Siebenmorgen, R., Kessler, M.F., Bouchet, P., Salama, A., Leech, K., Trams, N., Heske, A., 1999, A&A, 350, 875-882, A very cold disc of dust around the G0V star HD 207129, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Justtanont, K., Tielens, A.G.G.M., De Jong, T., Cami, J., Waters, L.B.F.M., Yamamura, I., 1999, A&A, 345, 605-610, Atomic fine-structure lines in the ISO-SWS spectra of the supergiants alpha Orionis and alpha Scorpii, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kaufman, M.J., Wolfire, M.G., Hollenback, D.J., Luhman, M.L., 1999, ApJ, 527, 795-813, Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Photodissociation Regions, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Kegel, W.H., Hertenstein, T., Quirrenbach, A., 1999, A&A, 351, 472-476, OH lines in the FIR spectra of the OH megamaster galaxies IRAS 20100-4146 and 3Zw35, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Kemper, C., Spaans, M., Jansen, D.J., Hogerheijde, M.R., van Dishoeck, E.F., Tielens, A.G.G.M., 1999, ApJ, 515, 649-656, Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Observations and Physical Models of the Reflection Nebula Cederblad 201, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Kerber, F., Blommaert, J.A.D.L., Groenewegen, M.A.T., Kimeswenger, S., Käufl, H.U., Asplund, M., 1999, A&A, 350, L27-L30, ISO. Monitoring the mass loss of a very late Helium flash star, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Klaas, U., Laureijs, R.J., Clavel, J., 1999, ApJ, 512, 157-161, Far-Infrared Polarization of the Quasar 3C 279, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Klein, R., Henning, Th., Cesarsky, D., 1999, A&A, 343, L53-L56, The molecular cloud core M 17-North: New ISOCAM observations, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Kraemer, S.B., Ho, L.C., Crenshaw, M., Shields, J.C., Filippenko, A.V., 1999, ApJ, 520, 564-573, Physical Conditions in the Emission-Line Gas in the Extremely Low Luminosity Seyfert Nucleus of NGC 4395, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, galaxies

Kwok, S., Volk, K., Hrivnak, B.J., 1999, A&A, 350, L35-L38, Chemical evolution of carbonaceous materials in the last stages of stellar evolution, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Leech, K.J., Völk, H.J., Heinrichsen, I., Hippelein, H., Metcalfe, L., Pierini, D., Popescu, C.C., Tuffs, R.J., Xu, C., 1999, MNRAS, 310, 317-323, [CII] 158-µm observations of a sample of late-type galaxies from the Virgo cluster, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies, ism

Liseau, R., Olofsson, G., 1999, A&A, 343, L83-L86, The H2O abundance and star formation history in rho Oph, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Liseau, R., White, G.J., Larsson, B., Sidher, S., Olofsson G., Kaas, A., Nordh, L., Caux, E., Lorenzetti, D., Molinari, S., Nisini, B., Sibille, F., 1999, A&A, 344, 342-354, Looking at the bright side of the rho Ophiuchi dark cloud. Far infrared spectrophotometric observations of the rho Oph cloud with the ISO-LWS, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Lorenzetti, D., Tommasi, E., Giannini, T., Nisini, B., Benedettini, M., Pezzuto, S., Strafella, F., Barlow, M., Clegg, P.E., Cohen, M., di Giorgio, A.M., Liseau, R., Molinari, S., Palla, F., Saraceno, P., Smith, H.A., Spinoglio, L., White, G.J., 1999, A&A, 346, 604-616, ISO-LWS observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars. I. Fine structure lines, ADS paper, keyword: stars, ism

Lundqvist, P., Sollerman, J., Kozma, C., Larsson, B., Spyromilio, J., Crotts, A.P.S., Danziger, J., Kunze, D., 1999, A&A, 347, 500-507, ISO SWS/LWS observations of SN 1987A, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, abundances

Lutz, D., Veilleux, S., Genzel, R., 1999, ApJ, 517, L13-L17, Mid-Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: A Comparison, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Malfait, K., Waelkens, C., Bouwman, J., De Koter, A., Waters, L.B.F.M., 1999, A&A, 345, 181-186, The ISO spectrum of the young star HD 142527, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Mattila, K., Lehtinen, K., Lemke, D., 1999, A&A, 342, 643-654, Detection of widely distributed UIR band emission in the disk of NGC 891, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Mirabel, I.F., Laurent, O., Sanders, D.B., Sauvage, M., Tagger, M., Charmandaris, V., Vigroux, L., Gallais, P., Cesarsky, C., Block, D.L., 1999, A&A, 341, 667-674, A barred spiral at the centre of the giant elliptical radio galaxy Centaurus A, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Molinari, S., Ceccarelli, C., White, G.J., Saraceno, P., Nisini, B., Giannini, T., Caux, E., 1999, ApJ, 521, L71-L74, Detection of the 62 Micron Crystalline H2O Ice Feature in Emission toward HH 7 with the Infrared Space Observatory Long-Wavelength Spectrometer, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Molster, F.J., Waters, L.B.F.M., Trams, N.R., van Winckel, H., Decin, L., van Loon, J. Th., Jäger, C., Henning, Th., Käufl, H.-U., de Koter, A., Bouwman, J., 1999, A&A, 350, 163-180, The composition and nature of the dust shell surrounding the binary AFGL 4106, ADS Paper, stars

Moran, E.C., Filippenko, A.V., Ho, L.C., Shields, J.C., Belloni, T., Comastri, A., Snowden S.L., Sramek, R.A., 1999, PASP, 111, 801-808, The Nuclear Spectral Energy Distribution of NGC 4395, the Least Luminous Type I Seyfert Galaxy, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Morris, P.W., Waters, L.B.F.M., Barlow, M.J., Lim, T., de Koter, A., Voors, R.H.M., Cox, P., de Graauw, Th., Henning, Th., Hony, S., Lamers, H.J.G.L.M., Mutschke, H., Trams, N.R., 1999, Nature, 402, 502-504, Discovery of a massive equatorial torus in the Eta Carinae stellar system, ADS Abstract, keyword: stars, ism

Moutou, C., Sellgren, K., Verstraete, L., Léger, A., 1999, A&A, 347, 949-956, Upper limit on C_60 and C_60+ features in the ISO-SWS spectrum of the reflection nebula NGC 7023, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Natta, A., Prusti, T., Neri, R., Thi, W.F., Grinin, V.P., Mannings, V., 1999, A&A, 350, 541-552 The circumstellar environment of UX Ori, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Neufeld, D.A., Feuchtgruber, H., Harwit, M., Melnick, G.J., 1999, ApJ, 517, L147-L150, Infrared Space Observatory Observations of Far-Infrared Rotational Emission Lines of Water Vapor toward the Supergiant Star VY Canis Majoris, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

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