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Publications - Articles that have appeared in the journals
Last updated: 12 May 2000
Below is a list of articles based on ISO observations that have appeared in the major astronomical journals. We provide links to the NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS) for the full text of the articles and we provide links to the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) for those papers that contain extragalactic targets.
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Helpful Hints: You can use the browser search tool (alt-f) to search for a specific author or specific object that appears in the title of a paper. We have also begun to use keywords to identify papers that deal with stars, interstellar medium, solar system objects, etc. The browser search tool can then be used to find all papers within a broad catagory. All keywords are in lowercase.

Current keywords are: abundances, brown dwarfs, cmb, galaxies, grbs (gamma ray bursts), instrument, ism, solar system, stars.

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1998 ISO Publications

Ábrahám, P., Leinert, C., Burkert, A., Lemke, D., and Henning, T., 1998, A&A, 338, 91-96, Search for cool circumstellar matter in the Urase Majoris group with ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Alton, P.B., Trewhella, M., Davies, J.I., Evans, R., Bianchi, S., Gear, W., Thronson, H., Valentijn, E., & Witt, A., 1998, A&A, 335, 807-822, Resolved 200 µm images of nearby galaxies-evidence for an extended distribution of cold dust, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: ism

Aoki, W., Tsuji, T., & Ohnaka, K., 1998, A&A, 333, L19-L22, Detection of fine-structure line emission from carbon-rich and oxygen-rich AGB stars by the ISO SWS, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Aoki, W., Tsuji, T., & Ohnaka, K., 1998, A&A, 340, 222-231, Infrared spectra of carbon stars observed by the ISO SWS I. Molecular absorption in N-type and SC-type stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Aussel, H., Gerin, M., Boulanger, F., Désert, F.X., Casoli, F., Cutri, R.M. & Signore, M., 1998, A&A, 334, L73-L76, The mid infrared spectrum of the hyperluminous galaxies IRAS F15307+3252 and the Cloverleaf, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Benedettini, M., Nisini, B., Giannini, T., Lorenzetti, D., Tommasi, E., Saraceno, P. & Smith, H.A., 1998, A&A, 339, 159-164, ISO-SWS observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars: HI recombination lines in MWC1080 and CoD -42 11721 ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Bézard, B., Geuchtgruber, H., Moses, J.I., & Encrenaz, T., 1998, A&A, 334, L41-L44 Detection of methyl radicals (CH3) on Saturn, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Boogert, A.C.A., Helmich, F.P., van Disoeck, E.F., Schutte, W.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., & Whittet, D.C.B., 1998, A&A, 336, 352-358 The gas/solid methane abundance ratio toward deeply embedded protostars, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Boselli, A., Lequeux, J., Sauvage, M., Boulade, O., Boulanger, F., Cesarsky, D., Dupraz, C., Madden, S., Viallefond, F. & Vigroux, L., 1998, A&A, 335, 53-68, Mid-IR emission of galaxies in the Virgo cluster, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: ism, galaxies

Boulanger, F., Boissel, P., Cesarsky, D. & Ryter, C., 1998, A&A, 339, 194-200, The shape of the unidentified infra-red bands: analytical fit to ISOCAM spectra, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Brooke, T.Y.,Knacke, R.F., Encrenaz, Th., Drossart, P., Crisp, D. & Feuchtgruber, H., 1998, Icarus, 136, 1-13, Models of the ISO 3-µm Reflection Spectrum of Jupiter, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Castro-Tirado, A.J., Metcalfe, L., Laureijs, R., Altieri, B., Gorosabel, J., Hanlon, L., McBreen, B., Smith, N., Costa, E., Feroci, M., Palazzi, E., Nicastro, L., Frontera, F., Claret, A., Kessler, M., 1998, A&A, 330, 14-18, ISO observations of the GRB 970402 error box, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: grbs, stars

Ceccarelli, C. Caux, C., White, G.J., Molinari, S., Furniss, I., Liseau, R., Nisini, B., Saraceno, P., Spinoglio, L., & Wolfire, M., 1998, A&A, 331, 372-382, The far infrared line spectrum of the protostar IRAS 16293-22422, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Ceccarelli, C., Caux, E., Wolfire, M., Rudolph, A., Nisini, B., Saraceno, P., & White, G.J., 1998, A&A, 331, L17-L20, ISO Detection of CO+ toward the protostar IRAS 16293-2422, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Cesarsky, D., Lequeux, J., Pagani, L., Ryter, C., Loinard, L., & Sauvage, M., 1998, A&A, 337, L35-L38, The strange mid-infrared spectrum of M31: ISOCAM observations, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Clark, J.S., Fender, R.P., Waters, L.B.F.M., Dougherty, S.M., Koornneef, J., Steele, I.A., & van Blokland, A., 1998, MNRAS, 299, L43-L47, Discovery of extended radio emission in the young cluster Wd1, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Clavel, J.,1998, A&A, 331, 853-856, ISO Observations of the radio-loud BALQSO 1556+3517, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Colangeli, L., Bussoletti, E., Cecchi Pestellini, C., Fulle, M., Mennella, V., Pa;umbo, P., & Rotundi, A., 1998, Icarus, 134, 35-46 ISOCAM Imaging of Comets 65P/Gunn and 46P/Wirtanen, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Comerón, F. & Claes, P., 1998, A&A, 335, L13-L16, Compact HII regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud observed by ISO, ADS paper, keyword: stars

Comerón, F., Rieke, G.H., Claes, P., Torra, J. & Laureijs, R.J., 1998, A&A, 335, 522-532, ISO observations of candidate young brown dwarfs, ADS paper, keyword: brown dwarfs

Contursi, A., Lequeux, J., Hanus, M., Heydari-Malayeri, M., Bonoli, C., Bosma, A., Boulanger, F., Cesarsky, D., Madden, S., Sauvage, M., Tran, D., Vigroux, L., 1998, A&A, 336, 662-666, Mid-IR mapping of the region of N 4 in the Large Magellanic Cloud with ISOCAM, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Cox, P., Boulanger, F., Huggins, P.J., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Forveille, T., Bachiller, R., Cesarsky, D., Jones, A.P., Young, K., Roelfsema, P.R., & Cernicharo, J., 1998, ApJ, 495, L23-L26, Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Helix with ISOCAM, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Coustenis, A., Salama, A., Lellouch, E., Encrenaz, Th., Bjoraker, G.L., Samuelson, R.E., de Graauw, Th., Feuchtgruber, H., & Kessler, M.F., 1998, A&A, 336, L85-L89, Evidence for water vapor in Titan's atmosphere from ISO/SWS data, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Dartois, E., d'Hendecourt, L., Boulanger, F., Jourdain de Muizon, M., Breitfellner, M., Puget, J.-L., & Habing, H.J., 1998, A&A, 331, 651-660 Molecular gas phase counterparts to solid state grain mantles features: implication for gas/grain chemistry, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Dartois, E., Cox, P., Roelfsema, P.R., Jones, A.P., Tielens, A.G.G.M., d'Hendecourt, L., Jourdain de Muizon, M., Schmitt, B., Lim, T., Swinyard, B., & Heras, A.M., 1998, A&A, 338, L21-L24, Detection of the 44µm band of water ice in absorption in combined ISO SWS-LWS spectra, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Demyk, K., Dartois, E., d'Hendecourt, L., Jourdain de Muizon, M., Heras, A.M. & Breitfellner, M., 1998, A&A, 339, 553-560 Laboratory identification of the 4.62µm solid state absorption band in the ISO-SWS spectrum of RAFGL 7009S, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Di Benedetto, G.P., 1998, A&A, 339, 858-871, Towards a fundamental calibration of stellar parameters of A, F, G, K dwarfs and giants, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Ellis, R., 1998, Nature, 395 Supplement, A3-A8, The formation and evolution of galaxies, No ADS paper available, keyword: galaxies

Encrenaz, Th., Feuchtgruber, H., Atreya, S.K., Bezard, B., Lellouch, E., Bishop, J., Edgington, S., de Graauw, Th., Griffin, M., & Kessler, M.F., 1998, A&A, 333, L43-L46, ISO observations of Uranus: The stratospheric distribution of C2H2 and the eddy diffusion coefficient, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Ehrenfreund, P., Dartois, E., Demyk, K. & d'Hendecourt, L., 1998, A&A, 339, L17-L20 Ice segregation toward massive protostars, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Eyres, S.P.S., Evans, A., Geballe, T.R., Salama, A., & Smalley, B., 1998, MNRAS, 299, L37-L41 Infrared spectroscopy of Sakurai's object, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Fajardo-Acosta, S.B., Stencel, R.E., & Backman, D.E., 1998, ApJ, 503, L93-L93, Erratum, Erratum on Infrared Space Observatory Mapping of 60 Micron Dust Emission around Vega-type Systems, ADS Paper, keywords: stars

Feldt, M., Henning, T., Lagage, P.O., Manske, V., Schreyer, K., & Stecklum, B., 1998, A&A, 332, 849-856, The Chamaeleon infrared nebula revisited, ADS paper, keyword: ism

Genzel, R., Lutz, D., Sturm, E., Egami, E., Kunze, D., Moorwood, A.F.M., Rigopoulou, D., Spoon, H.W.W., Sternberg, A., Tacconi-Garman, L.E., Tacconi, L. & Thatte, N., 1998, ApJ, 498, 579-605, What Powers Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxies?, ADS paper, keyword: galaxies

Genzel, R., Lutz, D., Tacconi, L., 1998, Nature, 395, 859-869, Star formation triggered by galaxy collisions, No ADS paper available, keyword: galaxies

Gerin, M. & Phillips, T.G., 1998, ApJL, 509, L17-L20 Atomic Carbon in Arp 220 ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Gilmore, G. & Unavane, M., 1998, MNRAS, 301, 813-826, Dark haloes of spiral galaxies: ISO photometry, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

González-Alfonso, E., Cernicharo, J., van Dishoeck, E.F., Wright, C.M., & Heras, A., 1998, ApJ, 502, L169-L172, Radiative Transfer Models of Emission and Absorption in the H2O 6 Micron Vibration-Rotation Band Toward Orion-BN-KL, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Haas, M., 1998, A&A, 337, L1-L4, Very cold dust in the peculiar dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 205, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Haas M., Chini, R., Meisenheimer, K., Stickel, M., Lemke, D., Klaas, U., & Kreysa, E., 1998, ApJ, 503, L109-L113, On the Far-Infrared Emission of Quasars, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Haas, M., Lemke, D., Stickel, M., Hippelein, H., Kunkel, M., Herbstmeier, U., & Mattila, K., 1998, A&A, 338, L33-L36 Cold dust in the Andromeda Galaxy mapped by ISO, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Hammersley, P.L., Jourdain de Muizon, M., Kessler, M.F., Bouchet, P., Joseph, R.D., Habing, H.J., Salama, A., & Metcalfe, L., 1998, A&AS, 128, 207-219, Infrared Standards for ISO, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Harrington, J.P., Lame, N.J., Borkowski, K.J., Bregman, J.D. & Tsvetanov, Z.I., 1998, ApJL, 501, L123-L126 Discovery of a 6.4 Micron Dust Feature in Hydrogen-Poor Planetary Nebulae ADS paper, keyword: ism

Harwit, M., Neufeld, D.A., Melnick, G.J., & Kaufman, M.J., 1998, ApJL, 497, L105, Thermal Water Vapor Emission from Shocked Regions in Orion, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Heinrichsen, I., Walker, H.J., & Klaas, U., 1998, MNRAS, 293, L78-L82, Infrared mapping of the dust disc around Vega, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Henning, Th., Klein, R., Launhardt, R., Lemke, D., & Pfau, W., 1998, A&A, 332, 1035-1043, The molecular cloud core M17-North: ISO spectroscopy and IR/mm continuum mapping ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Henning, Th., Klein, R., Chan, S.J., Fitzpatrick, E.L., Siebenmorgen, R., & Stecklum, B., 1998, A&A, 338, L51-L54, Properties of the Young Stellar Object N 160 A-IR, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Herbstmeier, U., Ábrahám, P., Lemke, D., Laureijs, R.J., Klaas, U., Mattila, K., Leinert, C., Surace, C., & Kunkel, M., 1998, A&A, 332, 739-747 Small-scale structures in the far-infrared background, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Hron, J., Loidl, R., Höfner, S., Jørgensen, U.G., Aringer, B., & Kerschbaum, F., 1998, A&A, 335, L69-L72, ISO-SWS spectra of the C-rich AGB star R Scl and dynamical model atmospheres, ADS paper, keyword: stars

Ivison, R.J., Dunlop, J.S., Hughes, D.H., Archibald, E.N., Stevens, J.A., Holland, W.S., Robson, E.I., Eales, S.A., Rawlings, S., Dey, A., & Gear, W.K., 1998, ApJ, 494, 211-217, Dust, Gas, and the Evolutionary Status of the Radio Galaxy 8C 1435+635, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Jäger, C., Molster, F.J., Dorschner, J., Henning, Th., Mutschke, H., & Waters, L.B.F.M., 1998, A&A, 339, 904-916 Steps toward interstellar silicate mineralogy, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Justtanont, K., Feuchtgruber, H., de Jong, T., Cami, J., Waters, L.B.F.M., Yamamura, I., & Onaka, T., 1998, A&A, 330, L17-L20 Discovery of CO2 emission in AGB stars with the 13 µm dust feature, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Kawara, K., Sato, Y., Matsuhara, H., Taniguchi, Y., Okuda, H., Matsumoto, T., Wakamatsu, K., Karoji, H., Okamura, S., Chambers, K.C., Cowie, L.L., Joseph, R.D., & Sanders, D.B., 1998, A&A, 336, L9-L12, ISO deep far-infrared survey in the Lockman Hole, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Kimeswenger, S., Kerber, F., & Weinberger, R., 1998, MNRAS, 296, 614-618, Planetary nebulae with ISO: A58 and A78 - nebulae with hydrogen-poor ejecta, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Krugel, E., Siebenmorgen, R., Zota, V., & Chini, R., 1998, A&A, 331, L9-L12, ISOPHOT boosts dust masses in spiral galaxies, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Lamarre, J.M., Giard, M., Pointecouteau, E., Bernard, J.P., Serra, G., Pajot, F., Désert, F.X., Ristorcelli, I.,Torre, J.P., Church, S., Coron, N., Puget, J.L., & Bock, J.J., 1998, ApJ, 507, L5-L8, First Measuremnt of the Submillimeter Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, cmb

Le Berte, T., Lagache, G., Mauron, N., Boulanger, F., Désert, F.X., Epchtein, N. & Le Sidaner, P., 1998, A&A, 335, 287-291, An ISO view on interstellar dust heated by red giant stars, ADS paper, keyword: stars, ism

Lehtinen, K., Lemke, D., Mattila, K., & Haikala, L.K., 1998, A&A, 333, 702-708, Far-infrared ISOPHOT observations and the energy balance of a quiescent globule, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Lellouch, E., Crovisier, J., Lim, T., Bockelée-Morvan, D., Leech, K., Hanner, M.S., Altieri, B., Schmitt, B., Trotta, F. & Keller, H.U., 1998, A&A, 339, L9-L12, Evidence for water ice and estimate of dust production rate in comet Hale-Bopp at 2.9 AU from the Sun, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Lemke, D., Mattila, K., Lehtinen, K., Laureijs, R.J., Liljeström, T., Léger, A., & Herbstmeier, U., 1998, A&A, 331, 742-748, Detection of UIR bands in an isolated local interstellar cirrus cloud, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Lémonon, L., Pierre, M., Cesarsky, C.J., Elbaz, D., Pelló, R., Soucail, G. & Vigroux, L., 1998, A&A, 334, L21-L25, Deep ISOCAM view of the core of the lensing cluster A2390, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Levine, D.A., Lonsdale, C.J., Hurt, R.L., Smith, H.E., Helou, G., Beichman, C., Cesarsky, C., Elbaz, D., Klaas, U., Laureijs, R., Lemke, D., Lord, S., McMahon, R., Moshir, M., Neugebauer, G., Soifer, B.T., Van Buren, D., Wehrle, A., & Wolstencroft, R., 1998, ApJ, 504, 64-76 First Results from the ISO-IRAS Faint Galaxy Survey, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Lis, D.C., & Menten, K.M., 1998, ApJ, 507, 794-804, Infrared Space Observatory Long Wavelength Spectrometer Observations of a Cold Giant Molecular Cloud Core Near the Galactic Center, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Lu, N. 1998, ApJL, 498, L65, Mid-Infrared Emission Features in the Interstellar Medium: Feature-to-Feature Flux Ratios, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Luhman, M.L., Satyapal, S., Fischer, J., Wolfire, M.G., Cox, P., Lord, S.D., Smith, H.A., Stacey, G.J., & Unger, S.J., 1998, ApJ, 504, L11-L15, Infrared Space Observatory Measurements of a [CII] 158 Micron Line Deficit in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Lutz, D., Kunze, D., Spoon, H.W.W & Thornley, M.D., 1998, A&A, 333, L75-L78, Faint [OIV] emission from starburst galaxies, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Lutz, D., Spoon, H.W.W., Rigopoulou, D., Moorwood, A.F.M., & Genzel, R., 1998, ApJ, 505, L103-L107, The Nature and Evolution of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: A Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Survey, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Malfait, K., Waelkens, C., Waters, L.B.F.M., Vandenbussche, B., Huygen E., & de Graauw, M.S., 1998, A&A, 332, L25-L28, The spectrum of the young star HD 100546 observed with the Infrared Space Observatory, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Mirabel, I.F., Vigroux, L., Charmandaris, V., Sauvage, M., Gallais, P., Tran, D., Cesarsky, C., Madden, S.C., Duc, P.-A., 1998, A&A, 333, L1-L4, The dark side of star formation in the Antennae galaxies, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Molinari, S., Testi, L., Brand, J., Cesaroni, R., & Palla, F., 1998, ApJ, 505, L39-L42 IRAS 23385+6053: A Prototype Massive Class 0 Object, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Mouri, H., Taniguchi, Y., Sato, Y. & Kawara, K., 1998, A&A, 334, 482-488, Mid-infrared spectroscopy of obscured IRAS galaxies, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Müller, T.G.,1998, PASP, 110, 1001, Asteroids as Far-Infrared Photometric Standards, ADS Paper, keyword: calibration

Müller, T.G. & Lagerros, J.S.V., 1998, A&A, 338, 340-352 Asteroids as far-infrared photometric standards for ISOPHOT, ADS Paper, keyword: solar system

Neufeld, D.A., Melnick, G.J., & Harwit, M., 1998, ApJ, 506, L75-L78 Infrared Space Observatory Observations of Molecular Hydrogen in HH54: Measurement of a Nonequilibrium Ratio of Ortho- to Para-H2, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Noriega-Crespo, A., Garnavich, P.M., & Molinari, S., 1998, AJ, 116, 1388-1395 ISOCAM Molecular Hydrogen Images of the Cepheus E Outflow, ADS Paper, keyword: ism, stars

Pérez García, A.M., Rodríguez Espinosa, J.M. & Santolaya Rey, A.E., 1998, ApJ, 500, 685-692, The Mid- and Far-Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Seyfert Galaxies, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Pilbratt, G.L., Altieri, B., Bloomaert, J.A.D.L., Fridlund, C.V.M., Tauber, J.A., Kessler, M.F., 1998, A&A, 333, L9-L12, ISOCAM images of the 'elephant trunks' in M 16, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ism

Reach, W.T., & Rho, J., 1998, ApJ, 507, L93-L97, Detection of Far-Infrared Water Vapor, Hydroxyl, and Carbon Monoxide Emissions From the Supernova Remnant 3C 391, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Rubin, R.H., Colgan, S.W.J., Dufour, R.J. & Lord, S.D., 1998, ApJL, 501, L209-L212, The He+/H+ Abundance in the Orion Nebula from Infrared Space Observatory Measurements, ADS paper, keyword: ism

Schutte, W.A., van der Hucht, K.A., Whittet, D.C.B., Boogert, A.C.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Morris, P.W., Greenberg, J.M., Williams, P.M., van Dishoeck, E.F., Chiar, J.E., & de Graauw, Th., 1998, A&A, 337, 261-274 ISO-SWS observations of infrared absorption bands of the diffuse interstellar medium: The 6.2 µm feature of aromatic compounds ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Siebenmorgen, R., Natta, A., Kr&uoml;gel, E. & Prusti, T., 1998, A&A, 339, 134-140, A ring of organic molecules around HD 97300, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ism

Smith, B. 1998, ApJ, 500, 181-187, ISOCAM Mid-Infrared Imaging of the Quiescent Spiral Galaxy NGC 7331, ADS paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies, ism

Smith, M.D., Eislöffel, J. & Davis, C.J., 1998, MNRAS, 297, 687-691, ISO observations of molecular hydrogen in the DR 21 bipolar outflow, ADS paper, keyword: ism

Starck, J.-L., & Murtagh, F., 1998, PASP, 110, 193-199, Automatic Noise Estimation from the Multiresolution Support, ADS Paper, keyword: noise

Stickel, M., Bogun, S., Lemke, D., Klaas, U., Tóth, L.V., Herbstmeier, U., Richter, G., Assendorp, R., Laureijs, R., Kessler, M.F., Burgdorf, M., Beichman, C.A., Rowan-Robinson, M., & Efstathiou, A., 1998, A&A, 336, 116-122 The ISOPHOT far-infrared serendipity north ecliptic pole minisurvey, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Stickel, M., Lemke, D., Mattila, K., Haikala, L.K., Haas, M., 1998, A&A, 329, 55-60, Far-infrared emission of intracluster dust in the Coma galaxy cluster, ADS Paper, keyword: galaxies

Strazzulla, G., Nisini, B., Leto, G., Palumbo, M.E. & Saraceno, P., 1998, A&A, 334, 1056-1059 Solid CO2 towards NGC7538 IRS1, ADS paper, keyword: ism

Timmermann, R., Köster, B., & Stutzki, J., 1998, A&A, 336, L53-L56, [CII] 158 and [OI] 63 µm ISO-Observations of L1457, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Thum, C., Martin-Pintado, J., Quirrenback, A., & Matthews, H.E., 1998, A&A, 333, L63-L66, Infrared lasers in the circumstellar disk of MWC 349, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Uchida, K., Sellgren, K., & Werner, M., 1998, ApJ, 493, L109-L112, Do the Infrared Emission Features Need Ultraviolet Excitation?, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

van Dishoeck, E.F., Wright, C.M., Cernicharo, J., González-Alfonso, E., de Graauw, Th., Helmich, F.P., & Vandenbussche, B., 1998, ApJ, 502, L173-L176, The ISO-SWS 2.4-45.2 Micron Spectrum Toward Orion IRc2, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Waters, L.B.F.M., Beintema, D.A., Zijlstra, A.A., de Koter, A., Molster, F.J., Bouwman, J., de Jong, T., Pottasch, S.R., & de Graauw, Th., 1998, A&A, 331, L61-L64, Crystalline silicates in planetary nebulae with [WC] central stars, ADS Paper, keyword: stars

Waters, L.B.F.M., Waelkens, C., van Winckel, H., Molster, F.J., Tielens, A.G.G.M., van Loon, Th., Morris, P.W., Cami, J., Bouwman, J., de Koter, A., de Jong, T., & de Graauw, Th., 1998, Nature, 391, 868 An Oxygen-rich dust disk surrounding an evolved stars in the Red Rectangle, No ADS paper available, keyword: stars

Whittet, D.C.B., Gerakines, P.A., Tielens, A.G.G.M., Adamson, A.J., Boogert, A.C.A., Chiar, J.E., de Graauw, Th., Ehrenfreund, P., Prusti, T., Schutte, W.A., Vandenbussche, B. & van Dishoeck, E.F., 1998, ApJL, 498, L159-L163, Detection of Abundant CO2 Ice in the Quiescent Dark Cloud Medium Toward Elias 16, ADS paper, keyword: ism

Willacy, K., Langer, W.D., & Velusamy, T., 1998, ApJL, 507, L171-L175, Dust Emission and Molecular Depletion in L1498, ADS Paper, keyword: ism

Winkler, C., & Trams, N., 1998, A&A, 337, 729-738, ISO far-IR spectroscopy of the black hole candidate GRS 1915+105, ADS Paper, keyword: stars, ism

Wozniak, H., Friedli, D., Martinet, L., & Pfenniger, D., 1998, A&A, 330, L5-L8, ISOCAM images at 6.75 µm and 15 µm: the circumnuclear region of NGC 4321 (M100), ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies

Xu, C., Hacking, P.B., Fang, F., Shupe, D.L., Lonsdale, C.J., Lu, N.Y., Helou, G., Stacey, G.J., & Ashby, M.L.N., 1998, ApJ, 508, 576-589, Emission Features and Source Counts of Galaxies in the Mid-Infrared, ADS Paper, NED Abstract, keyword: galaxies