NHSC Stormy Cosmos:
The Evolving ISM from Spitzer to Herschel and Beyond
1-4 November 2010, Pasadena, CA
ism2010 'at' ipac.caltech.edu
Spectacular progress in space infrared and submillimeter facilities, in particular Herschel and Spitzer, has led to dramatic advances in our understanding of the evolving interstellar medium, both near and far. This conference is aimed at summarizing new results in this field, especially those driven by the new capabilities. The topics will cover a broad range of astrophysics, with a common thread of non-equilibrium physics on scales ranging from the smallest to the largest.



  • Astrochemistry of the ISM: shocks, PDRs and XDRs
  • Thermodynamics and Mechanics of the Interstellar Medium
  • The Coupling of Radiation, Gas and Dust
  • Evolution of ISM Properties over Galactic and Cosmic Timescales
  • Hotel and Conference Location:

    The meeting will take place in the Pasadena Hilton. Please see the venue page for more information.

    Field Trip:

    Workshop participants are invited to join a guided excursion to the historic Mt. Wilson Observatory. Please see the activities page for more information.

    Reception and Banquet:

    Please see the activities page for more information.

    Invited Speakers:

    D. Elbaz (CEA, France)
    B. Elmegreen (IBM Research Center, USA)
    J. Fischer (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
    D. Frayer (NRAO-Green Bank, USA)
    M. Gerin (LERMA, France)
    E. Herbst (Ohio State, USA)
    N. Indriolo (University of Illinois, USA)
    M. Kaufman (San Jose State University, USA)
    C. Martin (UCSB, USA)
    P. Ogle (IPAC, USA)
    A. Tielens (Leiden University, Netherlands)
    M. Wolfire (University of Maryland, USA)
    14 December 2010
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