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Constructed by:
Tim Conrow, Carol Lonsdale, Tracey Evans, Linda Fullmer, Merhdad Moshir,
(Infrared Processing and Analysis Center)

Daryl Yentis
(Naval Research Laboratory),

Ray Wolstencroft, Harvey MacGillivray
(Royal Observatory, Edinburgh),

Daniel Egret
(Infrared Processing and Analysis Center and CDS, Strasbourg),

and Tom Chester
(Infrared Processing and Analysis Center)

The OPTical IDentification ( OPTID ) database provides optical photographic star and galaxy identifications to IRAS Faint Source Survey ( FSS ) sources using two publicly available large-area optical catalogs derived from archival Schmidt plate material using automatic plate measuring engines: The COSMOS / UKST Southern Sky Object Catalogue (COSCAT), which covers the sky south of and above galactic latitude and contains stars and galaxies to b=21 or fainter, and the Guide Star Catalog version 1.1 ( GSC ) and the Tycho Input Catalog ( TIC ), which covers the entire sky and is complete for stars to B=14--16th mag. OPTID not only provides identification probabilities for each candidate optical match to each FSS source, but also the probability each infrared source has no match in each of the optical catalogs. A finding chart service is also available. OPTID can be accessed via IPAC 's remote access on-line catalog service, XCATSCAN , allowing full database search capabilities utilizing both infrared, optical and identification parameters.