II. Contents of the 2MASS First Incremental Data Release

2. Point Source Catalog (PSC):

a. Point Source Catalog Format

b. PSC Catalog Selection Criteria:

The First Release PSC was drawn from a database of all "detections" found in the 3391 Tiles included in the release area. This "working database" contains approximately a factor of two more objects than are in the PSC, and a large number are simply detections of noise. A rigorous set of selection criteria were applied to each source in the working database to extract a set of catalog sources that meet the demanding requirements of the 2MASS:

c. General Properties:

Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3

d. Photometric Properties:

Figure 4Figure 5Figure 6

e. Astrometric Properties:

f. Miscellaneous:

Figure 7Figure 8Figure 9

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