I. Introduction

7. Acknowledgements

a. 2MASS Personnel

i. 2MASS Science Team

Member Institution
Michael Skrutskie,  Principal Investigator Univ. of Virginia
Rae Stiening,  Project Manager Univ. of Massachusetts
Roc Cutri,  Project Scientist IPAC/Caltech
Charles Beichman JPL
Rich CappsJPL
John Carpenter Caltech/OVRO
Thomas Chester IPAC/Caltech
Jay Elias NOAO
John Huchra Harvard/CfA
James Liebert Univ. of Arizona
Carol Lonsdale IPAC/Caltech
David MonetU.S. Naval Observatory
Stephan Price Air Force Research Lab
Steven Schneider Univ. of Massachusetts
Patrick Seitzer Univ. of Michigan
Martin Weinberg Univ. of Massachusetts

ii. 2MASS Program Management

Name Institution
Michael Bicay JPL Program Scientist
Michael Klein JPL Program Manager
Lia LaPiana NASA Program Manager - Development Phase
Guenter Riegler NASA Program Manager - Operational Phase
Guy Stringfellow NASA Program Manager - Operational Phase
Paul Hertz NASA Program Manager - Operational Phase
Jeffrey Hayes NASA Program Scientist - Operational and Extended Mission Phase
Jay Frogel NASA Program Scientist - Operational Phase

iii. 2MASS External Review Board

Name Institution
Michael Hauser (Chair) Space Telescope Science Inst.
Gerry Neugebauer Caltech
Judith Pipher Univ. of Rochester
Michael Strauss Princeton Univ.
Nicholas White NASA/GSFC

iv. Support Scientists

Name Institution
John GizisIPAC/Caltech/U. Delaware
Eric HowardUniv. of Massachusetts
Robert HurtIPAC/Caltech
Tom JarrettIPAC/Caltech
Davy KirkpatrickIPAC/Caltech
Robert Light (deceased)IPAC/Caltech
Brant NelsonIPAC/Caltech
Jeonghee RhoIPAC/Caltech
Schuyler Van DykIPAC/Caltech
William WheatonIPAC/Caltech
Kevin XuIPAC/Caltech

v. Software Designers and Engineers

Name Institution
Nian Ming ChiuIPAC/Caltech
Tracey EvansIPAC/Caltech
John FowlerIPAC/Caltech
Linda FullmerIPAC/Caltech
John GoodIPAC/Caltech
Booth HartleyIPAC/Caltech
Tom JarrettIPAC/Caltech
Eugene KopanIPAC/Caltech
Jin MaIPAC/Caltech
Ken MarshIPAC/Caltech
Joseph MazzarellaIPAC/Caltech
Howard McCallonIPAC/Caltech
Serge MonkewitzIPAC/Caltech
Michael RudenkoUniv. of Massachusetts
David SmithUniv. of Massachusetts
Naveed Tahir-KheliIPAC/Caltech
Sherry WheelockIPAC/Caltech
John WhiteIPAC/Caltech
Xiuqin WuIPAC/Caltech
Angela ZhangIPAC/Caltech

vi. Observatory and Pipeline Operations

Name Institution
Claudio AguileraCTIO
Ron BeckIPAC/Caltech
Edward BennetFLWO
Gale BrehmerCTIO
Jack DembickyFLWO
Diane EnglerIPAC/Caltech
Angel GuerraCTIO
Helene HuynhIPAC/Caltech
Roger LeitonCTIO
Richard RaganFLWO
Oscar SaaCTIO
Patricio UgarteCTIO
Joselino VasquezCTIO
James YoungJPL/Table Mtn. Obs.

vii. Data Analysis

Name Institution
Joseph Adams*Univ. of Massachussetts
Adam Burgasser*Caltech/UCLA
Laurent CambresyIPAC/Caltech/CDS
Michael EganAir Force Phillips Lab
Steven LevineU.S. Naval Observatory
Megan Lysaght*Univ. of Massachussetts
Jeff MaderHarvard/CfA
Sergei Nikolaev*Univ. of Massachussetts/LLNL
Jessica Rosenberg*Univ. of Massachussetts
Mark SykesUniv. of Arizona
Raymond TamIPAC/Caltech
* Denotes (former) Graduate Students

viii. Commercial Vendors

Name Components
Astronomical Research CamerasCamera Electronics
COMSOFTTelescope Control System
Infrared LaboratoriesCamera Electronics
M3 Engineering and TechnologyTelecopes
Rayleigh Optical CorporationTelescope Optics
Systems SpecialistsSecondary Drive Mechanisms, Systems Controls
Telic-OSTISurvey Cameras

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