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2MASS Science Publications

A database of publications that use 2MASS data in some form

1393 publications as of 2005 July

The primary journal reference for 2MASS and its image and catalog data products is:

The Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS)
M.F. Skrutskie, R.M. Cutri, R. Stiening, M.D. Weinberg, S. Schneider, J.M. Carpenter, C. Beichman, R. Capps, T. Chester, J. Elias, J. Huchra, J. Liebert, C. Lonsdale, D.G. Monet, S. Price, P. Seitzer, T. Jarrett, J.D. Kirkpatrick, J. Gizis, E. Howard, T. Evans, J. Fowler, L. Fullmer, R. Hurt, R. Light, E.L. Kopan, K.A. Marsh, H.L. McCallon, R. Tam, S. Van Dyk, and S. Wheelock, 2006, AJ, 131, 1163.
(Bibliographic Code: 2006AJ....131.1163S)

A note to authors: We would appreciate if you would include the following acknowledgement in any published material that makes use of 2MASS data products:

"This publication makes use of data products from the Two Micron All Sky Survey, which is a joint project of the University of Massachusetts and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center/California Institute of Technology, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Science Foundation."

This will also make it easier for us to locate your paper, so that we can list it in this database. Thank you very much.



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