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Latest Update: 4/13/03

The Infrared Milky Way

This map of the near infrared sky includes the light of a half billion stars

The Infrared Universe

Light from 1.6 million galaxies reveals the structure of the local universe

Galaxies of the Infrared Sky

Nearby and distant structures in the local universe are color-coded by galaxy brightness

Tarantula Nebula

Giant star formation region in the Large Magellanic Cloud

47 Tucanae

A large, bright globular cluster in the Milky Way, also known as NGC 104

Sword of Orion

One of the best-known nebulae in the sky, easily visible to the naked eye nearly everywhere in the world

30 Largest Infrared Galaxies

These are the biggest galaxies beyond the Milky Way seen in infrared light

Keyhole Nebula

Contains Eta Carinae, one of the largest stars in the Galaxy

Maffei 1&2

Two nearby, large galaxies that were first discovered in infrared images

The Galactic Center

Infrared view of 10 million stars, revealing the center of our Milky Way Galaxy

RCW 38

A nearby star formation region

The Infrared Sky

A view of the Milky Way compiled from a quarter billion stars in the 2MASS catalogs

Flame Nebula

A star forming region in Orion, also home to the Horsehead Nebula