2017 Greater IPAC Science Symposium

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All members of the Pasadena astronomy community are invited to attend and hear about the exciting and diverse research being carried out at IPAC. Attendance is not limited to scientists; all Greater IPAC staff are welcome and encouraged to attend, particularly
the executive summary by the IPAC Executive Director George Helou. 
Format will be ten minute oral talks. Their goal is to expose the community to the research being done at IPAC. Wondering who all those post-docs and students are? Who is that person you keep seeing at the microwave? What do all these people around here actually do, anyway? Here's where you can find out!
IPAC members who wish to make a contributed science presentation are asked to submit a talk title no later than March 30th to Roberta Paladini and Phil Appleton ( and
Please use the following title submission form:
A preliminary schedule will appear on April 17th, and the final schedule on April 28th.
The workshop webpage is available at: 
For questions, please contact Roberta Paladini (
and Phil Appleton (, GISS Co-chairs. 
May 4th - 5th, 2017
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